Normally bodybuilding articles talk about how to build muscle up, diet, training workouts, muscle building nutrition and so on, however whilst these are all really important there is one things slightly different I would like to introduce to you and your muscle building armoury. It is known as the reticular activating system (RAV).The RAV works together with the visual component of our brain and diverts our attention to specific things that our sub conscious has programmed into it, to be important to achieve our goals. The everyday actions, sights, sounds,preferences and so on that we experience daily are all due to our sub conscious thought process that is always running.

This has been now proven by neuroscientists and actually qualifies the approaches of positive thinking and the law of attraction. If you do not know what the law of attraction is it is basically the premise that ‘what you think about, you bring about’ or ‘thoughts become things’. Now previously this was considered a bit to new agey for most people however there is a growing acceptance of this approach worldwide.

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Now it doesn’t really matter if you take the neuro-scientists approach about it or the new age approach to this as it will still work. Therefore by reprogramming our subconscious mind it is possible to activate our RAV which in turn will ensure that we take the correct steps to achieve our goals as we will simply be recognisiing the most effective way to get there more easily. Some people will come across strange co-incidences that will help there progress which is not uncommon and often gives this ‘law of attraction’ an unearthly feel whereas the truth is those things were probably there waiting to be found all along!

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So how exactly is a bodybuilder meant to benefit from this? Well think now about your present ongoing thought patterns. In your mind, what exactly are you saying to yourself on a daily basis. Are they thoughts like ‘losing weight is too difficult’ or ‘I never grow muscle fast’ for if they are then that is exactly what your RAV system is choosing for you to notice and act upon on a daily basis. It is therefore your sub conscious thought patterns that you need to change to positive muscle building patterns such as: ‘muscle gains come quickly and easily’ or ‘I am getting ripped fast’ and so on.

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How can these thought patterns be altered? Here are a couple of things to try:

1) Visualisation: first you need to set aside 5 minutes or so each day to do this. Simply shut your eyes and visualise in your minds eye exactly how you want your physiques to be. Huge guns, ripped 6 pack and so on, be as clear as possible and hold that vision with belief that you look like that already.’

2) Speak out aloud clearly and confidently simple statements like: I am extremely fit and healthy, I am huge and muscular, I am growing more and more each day and so on.

Do these daily. It will take a minimum of 30 days to start over riding your old thought patterns and to imprint the new ones but it will happen. Following that, don’t stop doing them keep going to continually reaffirm your new thought patterns.

If you don’t believe that this stuff works then I suggest that you browse through a few sportsmen’s autobiographies or sports studies books, I gaurantee that you will find these discussed in great depth, particularly visualisation which is a riculously effective technique that should get daily usage!

Ok with these positive thoughts and feelings in mind, go build muscle mass!

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