21 Day Fix Diet Plan Meal That You Need To Eat

21 Day Fix Diet Plan Meal That You Need To Eat

The 21 day fix diet plan has become a trend right now. A lot of people have tried this method and feel the result. To do this method successfully then you need to think more about the meal, because the first point of doing a diet is the meal that you eat. It needs to be healthy, and also enough for your daily nutrition. But sometimes a lot of people are only working out without thinking about their meal, this is wrong because if you do it this way you probably would lose some fat after you work out and then gain some more when you eat.

So to give you the best result you also need to eat healthy. And for you who want to know about the healthy food that you need to eat while you do the diet. Here are the list of 21 day fix diet plan meal that you need to know:

The 21 day fix diet plan

Strawberry Yogurt Parfaits (Breakfast)

This one is a healthy and delicious simple breakfast that you need to eat when you are on a diet. This one is quite easy to make, prepare some oats, soy milk, strawberry (sliced), Greek yogurt, and also honey. Then you mix all of the ingredients in one big bowl, for the amount of ingredients you could put as much as you want but it is better for you to make one jar of strawberry yogurt parfaits for yourself. When you finish mixing you could eat it right away, cold or even warm.

Burrito (Breakfast)

You could also make a burrito for your breakfast. First you need to prepare Ezekiel grain-sprouted tortilla, scrambled eggs (2 eggs), onion and peppers (chopped), extra virgin olive oil, and blue cheese. Then after you complete all of the ingredients you need to heat the olive oil on the pan, then add the chopped onion and peppers stir it until soft, put scrambled egg stir it again. Put it on tortilla and sprinkle some blue cheese on top, and if you like you could also ads tabasco to make it a little bit spicy.

Cottage Cheese Salad (Lunch)

Salad could also be a great menu that you could eat for lunch. This is also a great meal for your 21 day fix diet plan. To make this one you need to prepare, cottage cheese, green onion, Roma tomatoes, English cucumber, garlic powder, parsley, and black pepper. You only need to chop all of the ingredients into small pieces then add some cottage cheese, and lastly add black pepper to give it more taste.

Mac And Cheese (Dinner)

And the last 21 day fix diet plan meal is the lovable mac and cheese. Everybody love this meal and this is how you make it, cooked macaroni noodles, olive oil, brown rice flour, onion, mustard, chili pepper, garlic powder, skim milk, cheese, and salt. Just make it like the regular max and cheese put all the ingredients in one heated pan. Then put it into the oven to melt the cheese.

And those are the best 21 day fix diet plan meal that you could try.

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