3 Effective Dumbbell Shoulder Workout Guides for You – 14 Days Videos

3 Effective Dumbbell Shoulder Workout Guides for You – 14 Days Videos

3 Effective Dumbbell Shoulder Workout Guides for You

Shoulders may take widely control to our activity, right? they are widely used muscle. In fact, the most important muscle is in the shoulders. This condition makes people develop a broad, thick, and have well-balanced of shoulders. In addition, this thick set of the shoulder will look better and interesting in the eyes of the girls.

There are many ways of making this set. One of them is dumbbell shoulder workout. These 5 magical dumbbell shoulder workouts will guide you get you a thick and well-balanced set of your shoulder. Check it out!

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Dumbbell Shoulder Press

The first dumbbell shoulder workout can develop stronger your Deltoids. This exercise force you’re the Anterior head in the Deltoid and the Triceps. The steps for dumbbell shoulder press hold a dumbbell in your both hands with overhand grip, then exhale when you are raising the dumbbell, take slowly inhale when you begin to lower the weight to the shoulder height, after that repeat this movement for 3 sets and reps for 6 to12

Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Dumbbell Front Raise

This dumbbell shoulder workout separates the Anterior of the Deltoid. This exercise is suitable for the Anterior which is underdeveloped. And, it is recommended to use one arm at a time. Why do you only use one hand? you need to focus on the muscle which is being exercised.

The steps are: first, take and hold a preferred dumbbell weight, then stand up, tighten torso, and move slowly to position the dumbbell in front of your palm inwards. You have to make sure that torso is strong. Then, bring the dumbbell to one side, raise it in front of your body and make you’re the arm is parallel with the shoulder. You have to exhale throughout the movement. After that, hold the dumbbell for a moment, and then inhale and bring the weight back to the thigh. This exercise is preferred to your right hand. the set is 1 and the reps are 8-12.

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Bent-Over Dumbbell Lateral Raise

This dumbbell shoulder workout can be done both standing and sitting. When you do this workout while you are sitting. It is good for you to lean over your knees. The dumbbell is used to stabilize the muscle when the muscle is used to exercise.

dumbbell shoulder workout

dumbbell shoulder workout

How to do is by following these steps: choose and hold your preferred weight dumbbell, and chest up, back flat, then make your knees is slightly bent. After that, make your torso is the same position (parallel) to the floor. Hang the dumbbell directly and make your elbows in slightly bent position. Then, raise the dumbbell powerfully up and down into your side. Do it until your upper arms are in the same position (parallel) with the floor. Then, pause it for a moment. After that bring the dumbbell back and repeat the steps above for 3 sets and 8-12 reps.

If you are a beginner for the dumbbell shoulder workout, you have to discuss first with the trainer.

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