4 Best Treatment To Cure Scheuermann’s Disease

4 Best Treatment To Cure Scheuermann’s Disease

Scheuermann’s disease or kyphosis, is a condition where your spine is not at its normal shape. Usually the normal shape of a human spine is straight up with a little bit curve, but the scheuermann’s disease would make the curve or the spine is more curvy than it should be. The disease would also called as a kyphosis, it is a condition where your spine is slightly curve to the back and make the patient look like they carry a heavy weight on their back.

This disease has no specific symptoms, the only symptom that shown is that the patient body shape looks different. This disease causes are also uncertain, but the expert said that this disease could be a genetic disease that comes from the patient’s parent. And if someone you care is having the scheuermann’s disease or even you are the one who have this disease, then you have don’t worry about a thing because there are some treatments that you could try to fix your spine:

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Spine Therapy

To fix the spine you could get yourself a therapy. This is the method that would give you less pain than the others, because this method couldn’t be done in one day you need to frequently come to the therapist to get the best result. And the results are also vary, some might get the best and normal spine, the other might still get their spine in a bad shape but at least it is much better than the last one and it wouldn’t cause so much pain.

Spine Bracing

If the patients are still young, they could simply get a spine bracing to fix their spine shape. This one could be easily done with an operation, this bracing is used until the spine back to its normal shape. It could take years to get the spine back to its normal shape. But the patients couldn’t get a spine bracing anytime they want, they need to be tested and also get the doctor approval.

Scheuermann's disease

Analgesic (Medicine)

And if your spine hurts so bad and you couldn’t endure the pain, then the last thing that you could do is to drink analgesic, a painkiller that specially made for people with spine disease including the scheuermann’s disease. This medicine would help you to get rid all of the pain from your spine, but it is only temporary, if you still feel the pain you need to rush to the doctor immediately.


Yoga could also help you to endure the pain, and also train you to get a better body shape. By doing yoga you would learn how to get a new move that would train your spine to be more lithe. To get the best result for your spine, you need to do yoga at least once in a week, but doing yoga often you would get your spine much better than before without any medicine.

Hope all of the treatments above could help you to cure your scheuermann’s disease.

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