5 Best Bicep Workouts Without Weights In Your House

5 Best Bicep Workouts Without Weights In Your House

Bicep workouts without weights must be the information that people want to know the most. A lot of people are really busy while doing they daily activities, so they don’t have a free time to go to the gym and do the bicep workouts. And if you have the same problem then you don’t need to worry because you could do the workout without any equipment or even any weights. There are some method that you could try to do the bicep workouts without weights, and most of them are really easy so you could simply do it in your house.

And if you want to know about this information, then here are the best method of bicep workouts without weights that you could try:

Chin Ups

This is a workout that you could try in your house. It is basically pull yourself up to your chin to get your bicep workouts. For a chin up method you only need to find a straight bar then use your body as the weight. You could gi to the nearest park then use the bar in there, or if you want to do it in your house, you could use some other alternative to be your bar like a door or anything else. To this method you need to hold the bar with a strong grip, and your palms must be facing your face, and then widen your hands to do a perfect pull up, pull yourself up until your chin reach the bar. Do this method as many as you can to get the best result.

Bicep Workouts Without Weights

Push Ups

Besides make your chest and triceps workout, a push ups could also make your bicep workouts. But to make your bicep workouts, you couldn’t do a normal push ups, you need to do it differently so your bicep would workouts perfectly. Try to put your feet in a higher ground than your body, this position would give your body more weight and would also make the bicep workouts.

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Handstand Push Ups

Well this is a method that not everybody could try. This one is where you do a handstand and then do a push ups on that position. If you are new to this but still want to try this method then you could put your body to the wall to get a better balance while you are doing the handstand push ups. But it is better for you to avoid this method if you are still new to this, because if you do one wrong step you would end up losing your balance and then fall to the ground.

Bicep Workouts Without Weights

Bicep Curl

This is a method that you could try by using a weight or not. If you don’t want to use any weight to do this method then you could use a resistance band to do it. It is a flexible band that would help you to workout. Place the band under your feet then grab the end of the bands then pull it up to your chest. Repeat this method as much as you can to get the best result.

Half Moon Rotation

This must be the easiest bicep workouts without weights that you could try. To do this method the things that you need to do is place your arm straight with your shoulder then move your palms upward then downward. And then that’s it, but to get the best result you need to it often.

And those are the best bicep workouts without weights that you could try. Hope all of the methods could help you to get your body goals.

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