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It is important to know the growth of your children. Children are known active, energic, and careless. They can do so many things and may also do an excessive activity. This condition may have bad effects on their growth. One of them is heel pain or sever’s disease.

the heel injury occurs eventually in children when the growth plate is injured. This injury may occur in the early adolescence. The foot is one of the parts of the body which firstly grow into full size. As the growth, foot’s bone may grow faster than muscles and tendons. As a result, that muscles and tendons are tight. this condition makes the heal cannot move flexibly. Sometimes, the tight tendons heels put so many pressures on the back of the heel. It injures the heel and sources sever’s disease.

Symptoms stretches for sever’s disease

Can the patient still do heavy activities? Yes, he can. However, when you have the symptoms. You may do some treatments like stretches for sever’s disease. Before going on that point, what are actually symptoms of heel pain? the symptoms are the pain in the back heel, some of the patients may suffer pain or stiffness when resting at night or morning or during sports like running, jumping, or springing. The pain may also come when raising your heels like rising heel on tip and toes.

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stretches for sever's disease

3 effective stretches for sever’s disease

If your children get the sever’s disease, please see your doctor, or you can do some treatment like stretches for sever’s disease. However, it may be hard at the first time. When you children do this heel pain exercise, the pain may be reduced and the heel may be more flexible.

Before doing the exercise, make sure that the heel does not feel any pain. If the muscles are still tight, it may increase the pain. So, here are 3 best sever’s disease exercises that will help your children to get rid of it.

  1. Soleus Muscle Stretch

The first step is you are required to bend the knee. It makes the Gastrocnemius muscles is got the stretch which allows the soleus muscle to be exercised lower the leg. You should do the stretch for 10 seconds, repeat it 3 times, and do it three times a day. During the exercise, if you feel hurt or any pain, then stop it. This stretch is done for the calf and Achilles muscles.

  1. Gastrocnemius Stretch

You can do this stretch with help of the wall. First, put your both hand on the wall, then keep the heel in the back leg moving forward by pushing it gently. If it feels bad or pain, stop! This exercise will give the larger Gastrocnemius muscle ascribing the knee. You may need to hold it for at least 10-15seconds and repeat for 3 times. This set of stretches for sever’s disease can be done in three times per day as long as it is not painful.

  1. Seated Hamstrings Stretch

This may be the easiest way of stretching your heel. You are required to sit comfortably. Then straight your both foot. After that, try to reach the mother thumb of your foot using the hands.  And, make sure your back is in a straight position. If it is hurt, you can stop it. Hold it for 10 – 15 seconds, and repeat it 3 times. You may also give stretch 3 times per day.

The result of the set of stretches for sever’s disease may not satisfy you if you only do this exercise just once or twice. Do the stretching regularly. It can give the best effect.

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