5 Cervical Cancer Symptoms You Should Be Aware as Women!

5 Cervical Cancer Symptoms You Should Be Aware as Women!

Nowadays, women do not know what exactly cervical cancers it and what the symptoms are. The American Cancer society says that over 12,000 cases of cervical cancer symptoms were diagnosed in 2014. there are over 3,000 women die because of cervical cancer. the cervical cancer is the most dangerous and the most preventable cancer for women. Luckily, the death rate from cervical cancer decreases about 50 percent over the last 30 years. the Pap test and HPV vaccination help to prevent cancer to women.

The cause of cervical cancer symptoms leg pain is the human papillomavirus. The human papillomavirus vaccine helps to prevent this virus to our body. this HPV vaccine can be used for both males and females. the use of HPV vaccine may be like for all the kids in 11-12 years should get the HPV vaccine, when the teenagers do not get yet the vaccine, they may get the vaccine at the age of 26 years for the females, and the males in 21 years may get this HV vaccine.

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Pap test is also known as pap smears which help to find the precancerous symptoms like altering in the cell in the cervix. This test is commonly paired with HPV test. The pap smears are the best way of looking for the cervical cancer symptoms leg pain in the earliest stages. The women may be required to have pap test at the age of 21 – 29. And, when the women turn into 30, the pap test will be combined with the HPV vaccine. the pap test is highly recommended to get the test once in every three years

5 cervical cancer symptoms you must be aware!

Before someone gets cervical cancer, she may get cervical cancer symptoms leg pain. the cervical cancer symptoms leg pain cannot be ignored. The symptoms may have to stop in order to stop the development of cervical cancer.

  1. Irregular vaginal bleeding

the irregular vaginal bleeding may be caused by the cancer cell which grows in the near of the tissue. Cancer produces abnormal blood vessels then break it easily. It causes the bleeding. you may need to see the doctor if you have a bleeding between menstrual periods, heavier and longer menstrual period, bleeding after menopause, and bleeding after intercourse and pelvic exam. be aware, ladies!

  1. Pain during intercourse

if you get pain when you and your partner have sexual activity. You may get cervical cancer symptoms. the pain that you suffered during the intercourse may come from the tumor which grows on the tissue and reproductive organs.

  1. Leg pain

the cervical cancer symptoms leg pain you may need to observed. When cancer grows more progressive, it may press against nerves in the pelvic wall. It makes your leg has a pain.

  1. Pelvic pain

this pain has a correlation to the problem in the reproductive organs. the pelvic pain is the indication that cancer starts to expand its growth in the other tissues.

  1. Weight loss

according to the other cervical cancer symptoms above, the weight loss is a sign of cervical cancer. this is caused when the body fight for cancer, the body do not produce the protein called cytokines well. While cancer makes too many proteins which can break down the fat.

if you have those symptoms and followed with the cervical cancer symptoms leg pain, you should worry. Your reproductive organs may be infected by cervical cancer. the thing is that you do not need to be panic, see the specialist doctor to do some treatment such as surgery, radiology surgery, chemotherapy, and targeted therapy.

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