5 Interesting Facts About Herpes On Buttocks That You Need To Know

5 Interesting Facts About Herpes On Buttocks That You Need To Know

Herpes on buttocks might be the most annoying disease that could ever get to your body parts. Herpes is a disease that usually form on your genital or even buttock area in this case. This disease would turn your skin into a big red patches that would also give you a great itch, burn, and also sting sensation. A lot of people has this disease, and a lot of people also unaware that they are having this disease because the symptoms are don’t really show up.

And for you who want to know about herpes on buttocks, here are the 5 interesting facts about herpes on buttocks that you need to know:

The Symptoms

Since the symptoms are usually not visible so you need to really take care of your genital or even buttocks area to know if there are anything weird, or there is any odd bumps that shouldn’t be there. And to let you know more about it, here are the symptoms of herpes:

  1. Small pimples that usually form in small part of your buttocks, but as the day goes by the pimples turn itself into a small cut that could cause you itch.
  2. You would also get a flu like symptoms that could also confuse you, you would get fever, swollen gland, or even a bad headache just like flu.

Herpes On Buttocks

How Herpes Spread

Herpes is a disease that you could get if you make any contact with another herpes patient. So if you get a genital herpes, it could be caused by a free sex without any protector to protect your genital like condom. Herpes on buttocks could also be formed if you are having an anal sex with your partner that has been infected with a herpes virus. Herpes could also be spread through oral sex, so try to always clean yourself and also check your partner body before you do any contact with them. Or simply use condom to prevent any of the disease to form in your body.

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How To Prevent Herpes

If you want to prevent any herpes to form on your body parts then the thing that you really need to do is to take care of your body. Keep your body clean, wash it all thoroughly, and also don’t forget to always check yourself to the doctor. If you are having an active sex life then don’t be afraid or even feel embarrassed to tell your doctor.

How To Cure Herpes

If you already infected with herpes, then you don’t have to worry because nowadays there are a lot of medicine that really good to cure herpes. And here are the list:

  1. Acyclovir

This one has been the best and the oldest herpes medicine that you could find. Acyclovir has been found since 1982, and the solid version of this medicine has been found and sold since 1985. Acyclovir is really save,  even a person could eat it continuously for 10 years.

  1. Valacyclovir

This is the newer version of medicine that use acyclovir as its main ingredients. But different with the original acyclovir, this one works even better by delivering the acyclovir through the body.

There are still a lot of Herpes medicine that you could take like, Famciclovir. But just take a medicine that your doctor told you to take. Hope all of the information above could give you more information about herpes on buttocks.

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