5 Methods To Cure Osgood Schlatters Disease Without Medicine?

5 Methods To Cure Osgood Schlatters Disease Without Medicine?

Osgood schlatters disease is a disease that comes to your knees. It is really painful and also would disturb your movement. The specific symptom of this disease is that the pain always come after you do any sport activity, and the pain would get worse if you move your knee joint. So that’s why the patient of this disease is usually an athlete, but there are also some factors that become this disease causes like age, the older the person is the greater percentage of him/her getting this disease. But a younger person could also get this disease, so it is all about lifestyle.

The osgood schlatters disease usually come to a person who loves to do any sport activity every day, working out is really good for your health but if you do one thing too much it would never be good also. If you already get the symptoms of this disease, or you are already get this disease, you don’t have to worry about anything because there are some methods that you could try to cure this disease:

Osgood Schlatters Disease

Take A Rest

If your knee hurts so bad, well it is better for you to take a rest. Don’t do any movement, just lay yourself down and relax. Rub some ice to your knee to reduce the pain, or you could also use some hot cream for it. And don’t do any hard activity for the next 2 weeks or you would end up getting your knee condition much worse than before.

Use A Rubber Protector

And if you really need to working out and do the other activity, you need to remember to always wear a rubber protector for your knee. By using this rubber protector you could reduce the possibility of getting a pain on your knee. But if you just get your knee recovered, It is better for you to not doing any heavy activity for several weeks.

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You could also cure your osgood schlatters disease by doing a therapy, If you go to your doctor, they must told you to get a therapy for your knee. A therapy would be really great for a person who always need to do sport activity like an athlete. This therapy would make your knee more flexible, stronger, and also wouldn’t cause you so much pain. So if you want your knee to get better without any medicine, then a therapy would be a great choice that you could choose.

Go On A Diet

This disease would also come to an overweight person. All the fat in their body, would make give the knee more weight and making it works harder than it should be. So to reduce the pain you need to get a good diet to lose some fat on your body. It might hard at the first time, but with a help form an expert you would get yourself a great time while you do the diet.

Hope all of the information above could help you to prevent and to know more about osgood schlatters disease.

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