5 Treatments For Cervicogenic Headache That You Need To Know

5 Treatments For Cervicogenic Headache That You Need To Know

Cervicogenic headache is one of many bad headache that could happen to you. This headache comes from a neck disorder that hurt some nerves and also the soft tissue on your neck. That’s why this headache would always come whenever you move or even crack your neck. A lot of cervicogenic headache patient have said that the headache that caused by this neck disorder is 100 times worse than the regular headache.

But while a lot of people are suffering from this disease the rest are even unaware that this disease is really exist. To make you know about this disease more here are 5 treatments for cervicogenic headache that you really need to know:

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Always Pose A Great Posture

Since this disease is related to neck disorder it is also means that it is also related to your spine. So to treat this disease nicely, and if you want to reduce the pain a little by little then the first thing that you need to do is to always get to stay in a good posture. You need to be careful whenever you get up or even get down, don’t do it to fast or you would end up hurting your spine and neck and then would get the headache over and over again.

Cervicogenic Headache

Change Your Bad Habit

If you love to sit in every position that you like, then you need to think about it again. Since spine is one of the important part that you need to take care of. Then you would also need to change your bad habit while you are sitting. Try to sit in a good position don’t lean yourself too much because it would change the shape of your spine. When you sit try to put rolled towel or rolled pillow on your back to maintain its position. Then after you put it, you also need to use a belt around your hips to make sure that your back is on the chair.

Walk Around

No need to take any expensive treatment to get your back straightened, there is another cheap alternative that you could try to get your back straightened. The treatment that you could do is walking. Try to walk for 20-30 minute without stopping. You could try to walk around the park to get that beautiful view and everything. But if the weather is not possible for you to walk outside, then walking on a treadmill would also be a great option that you could choose.

Take Some Medicine

But if the headache comes without warning and you couldn’t take it anymore then you could always get a medicine to reduce the pain. You could try Ibuprofen to reduce the headache. This medicine is really good for cervicogenic headache, try to drink the Ibuprofen for every 4 or 6 hours. But this medicine has a side effect that could make a stomach acidity. So to prevent it, try to drink this medicine after a meal.

Hope all of the information above could help you to know more about the treatments for cervicogenic headache.

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