6 Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period That You Need To Aware

6 Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period That You Need To Aware

Pregnancy symptoms before missed period are the most important information that you need to know. Pregnancy is a greatest gift that God could give to someone. But some people might not expecting it or even want to prevent it for special reasons, it could be because of their jobs, their ages, their health, or any other possible reasons. But sometimes the pregnancy itself is really unpredictable, you could use protection, taking pills that 99,9% would prevent you from getting pregnant but there 0,01% possible chance that could make you pregnant.

The most visible symptom of getting pregnant is that you missing your period. But there are also some symptoms of pregnancy that you might didn’t see before you missed your period. So for you who are waiting for a baby, or even want to prepare yourself for it. Then here are some of the early pregnancy symptoms before missed period that you need to know:

Bleeding And Cramping

Bleeding and cramping are what you get when you are on your period. But the bleeding and cramping of pregnancy happens one or two weeks before your period time. So you really need to write down and remember your period date, so if you are getting it earlier than it should be, then you really need to check yourself to the doctor. But not every women would get this symptom.

Tender, Sore And Heavy Breast

The next pregnancy symptoms before missed period is when your breast feels so tender, sore and also heavy at the same time. This symptom is also the one that you experienced when you are getting your period. But the difference is that the areola (dark colored circle on your nipple) would get bigger and darker day by day. And your nipples would also feel tingly and also swollen. If you are having this symptom them you better get a pregnancy test for yourself.

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Fatigue could also be one of the pregnancy symptoms before missed period. But not everybody are having this symptom sometimes there are also some women who didn’t feel any fatigue or nausea during the pregnancy time. And that’s why sometimes they are not aware of their pregnancy. But if you get this symptom then it is better for you to get a pregnancy test, so you would know what vitamin you should drink to get rid of the fatigue and make your baby stronger.

Urge To Pee

A pregnant women would get the urge to pee frequently, especially at night. Because when you are pregnant there are a lot of hormonal changes and also extra production of blood. So the kidney work even harder to filter the extra blood, and cause you to pee frequently.

Food Aversions

You suddenly hate your favorite meal? Then it could also be a symptom of pregnancy. 85% of a pregnant women are experiencing this symptom. Their noses would become more sensitive for some smells and would make you nauseous.

Mood Swings

Since there are a lot of hormonal changes in your body, it would also affect your moods. To handle this situation, you need to try to talk a lot with your partner or even with the one that really close to you like your family or your friend. And you also need to take a rest, and then just relax.

All of the symptoms above are the common symptoms that women get during their pregnancy. But some might don’t have a chance to experience it so that’s why you need to always check yourself to your doctor. Hope all of the information above would help to know more about pregnancy symptoms before missed period.

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