6 Thyroid Storm Criteria That You Really Need To Know

6 Thyroid Storm Criteria That You Really Need To Know

Thyroid storm criteria is the information that you need to know. Thyroid storm itself is a disease where all of your organs are not working as it should be because your thyroid hormones are increasing. This thyroid hormones is formed when you are getting a mumps, a normal level of thyroid hormones would only give you a mild effect like sweating a lot, heart beating so fast, losing your weight, and many more. But it is a condition where your organs still could tolerate it, all of the organs still doing their jobs perfectly.

But different when your thyroid hormones are above the normal level. You would get the thyroid storm disease, it is a condition where all of your organ wouldn’t work as it should be, and it could be really dangerous for yourself. You could even die from it. And to make sure that you get the best treatment and medicine first you need to know about the thyroid storm criteria:


The first criteria of a thyroid storm is getting a mumps. When you get a mump disease the thyroid hormones would form in your body, it is still okay if the thyroid storm level is normal, but when the level is above normal then you need to take another action to prevent any bad things. Because the thyroid storm is really dangerous you could get yourself sleep into a coma, or even death.

Thyroid Storm CriteriaFever

The next criteria of getting a thyroid storm is that you would get a fever. But not a regular fever that usually only reach 37° or 38° Celsius, but the fever that caused by thyroid storm is really high, it could reach up to 40° or 41° so if you are having a mumps and you get a really high fever then you need to go to the doctor immediately.

Heart Beating So Fast

The thyroid storm would also make your heart beating really fast. It could even go up to 140times per minute. And if you already feel this situation then you need to go to the doctor before it too late. Because the thyroid storm is really dangerous and could lead you to death.

Mentally Down

The next thyroid storm criteria is that you would have a mentally down. The patient with high level of thyroid hormones usually get a mentally breakdown, they would looks confused, hallucinating, and many more. The patient might looks like a mentally ill people, but it is actually because of all the thyroid hormones.

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In some cases, the thyroid storm would even put someone in a coma. It happens because the thyroid hormones are taking over all or the organs functions. Before it all too late, you better check yourself to the doctor regularly.

Women Chances Are Bigger

A result has shown that thyroid storm are attacking women 9 up to 10 times more than men. Because the percentage of women getting a thyroid disease are bigger than men, so that’s why women are having a higher chances of getting a thyroid storm.

Since the thyroid storm are coming without any warning, so the treatment and medications are also need to be perfect. The thyroid storm could be cured by doing an operation, medication, or even Iodium. The treatment and medication are different for each person, so that’s why if you are having a thyroid storm you need to rush yourself to the doctor immediately.

Hope all of the information above could help you to know more about the thyroid hormones, and also the thyroid storm criteria.

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