7 Remedy Arthritis – Natural and efficacious

7 Remedy Arthritis – Natural and efficacious

Pain due to arthritis or arthritis can be so dangerous and even make you uncomfortable while doing daily activities. Quite a number of people who complained of inflammation in joints, whether elderly or people who are still on the productive age. There are many drugs that are indeed circulating in the market to create a sense of reduced joint pain, but whatever remedy joint pain that is really nice to be consumed?


1. Ginger

Although the side effects of ginger quite got around to make you worry, as long as

consumption is not excessive, ginger will bring benefit both to you. Joint pain remedy this one very natural and potent anti-cancer properties caused the high inflamations
Here’s how: every day, you could consume 2-3 cups of ginger tea and to make it, you need to set up a small piece of ginger and then shredded. Boil together with a cup of water about 10 minutes before it is filtered and added honey to taste. Or, can also direct You to chew a few slices of ginger that is still fresh for the sake of healing your joints.
2. Cinnamon
Other highly potent herbs to treat Your arthritis is the cinnamon with the nature of the antioksidan. Do not forget also, anti-inflammatory properties in cinnamon was able to overcome the pain and swollen due to arthritis.
Here’s how: combine the cinnamon powder as much as 1 teaspoon honey with a dollop of packed into a glass of warm water. For optimal results, you can take it in empty stomach every morning after waking up. Or, make a paste of ground cinnamon with a little water, add honey if necessary, then make this a liniment that can be massaged to joint pain a day 2-3 times.
3. Green tea
Green tea is not only beneficial in weight loss programs, because in fact this natural substances capable of inhibiting the development of the symptoms of arthritis. Antioxidants and anti inflamasinya so high that will reduce swelling and pain.
Here’s how: Provide as much 1 cup hot water, add a spoonful of tea green tea leaves into it. Seduhlah for a few minutes before you can filter it and add a little honey. Daily drink 2-3 cups for maximum healing.

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4. Black Caraway
Well it is joint pain knee or hand or any part of the body that, black cumin with anti-viral properties inflamasinya would be helpful. Natural aspirin in it, i.e. salicylic acid ever undertook to treat the pain unbearable.
Here’s how: Provide as much water 300 ml and also black cumin as much as 2 teaspoons. Rebuslah until the water is left up to 200 ml, after boiling can be lifted and let stand to cool first. Drink every night right towards the bed and every after waking up the next morning on a regular basis.


5. Yoga
Doing Yoga is one way the potent drugs or for Your arthritis. The reason why Yoga is physical exercise can be an effective medicine is because Yoga is able to increase the flexibility of joints and muscles. Even the perpetrators of muscle exercise or Yoga practice will be much stronger so that it will not be easy the pain again.
6. Turmeric
Still there is another natural ingredient that is safe and ready to be effective any drug causes of arthritis you are experiencing. Turmeric compounds Curcumin in it will be antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Here’s how: Prepare a glass of milk, then add a dollop of tea of turmeric powder to it, then rebuslah. Add a little honey, and drink 2 times a day and in a few days you will feel the difference. Or, just add the turmeric powder to Your cuisine every day because of the

consumption in this way would be equally effective. It’s just, do not consume more than the recommended measure in blood-lowering medication are high.
7. Salt
To cure Your arthritis, also a simple way to use the material on a daily basis there must have been at home. Salt is a source of magnesium that will relieve inflammation, heals the pain and swelling when there are deflating.
Here’s how: In your bath water, add 2 cups of salt. Heated in the water for approximately 20 to 30 minutes to make the muscles and joints You feel more relaxed. Each week, you can repeat 2-3 times for a few weeks. Stop the treatment with this method when inflammation, pain and swelling are no longer perceived by you.
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