9 causes of obesity in children and toddlers

9 causes of obesity in children and toddlers

9 causes of obesity in children and toddlers

Have a healthy and intelligent child is a dream for all mothers and parents, but what would happen if the child is not as expected. One of them is the child is obese. Indeed while still aged under three years or the toddler’s parents love to see children who are obese, it is because the fat kid is more cute and fun to look at. However, when the above three years of age, many parents who thought that his son’s weights were far above normal weight. That’s when parents start panicking and worried if her child exposed to obesity. Assuming the parent about the child with chubby and cute to be changed. Kids with skinny bodies (not under normal weight) yet active and nimble much healthier compared to infants or children with obesity. Not affected by obesity, parents should know what is the cause of obesity in children:


Instant food and drink

Causes of obesity in children was child liked to consume food and drinks that instant. Indeed so much that modern convenience like this now lots of food and drink that is instantaneous. For example, is the instant noodles, canned food, beverage cans and also drinks in bottles. Try us out for the case of Aryan children who are obese Solanki because likes to consume food and drinks that are instantaneous. Therefore, parents should take heart in providing food and drinks to children children’s instantaneous. Instant food and drinks could cause obesity because the fat content, oils and glucose in it.


Poor eating patterns

Causes of obesity in children to look out for is a bad diet. The poor eating patterns such as only eating irregularly and not familiarize yourself with breakfast. People who diet by avoiding breakfast is wrong. It is because people will eat just about anything to get rid of his hungry. So that’s getting used to have a good diet and regular is an effective obesity prevention.

obesity in children

Like Snacking

Causes of obesity in young children is like snacking, especially unhealthy food eat. Unhealthy foods such as French fries, potato chips and other foods that should be avoided is from children. In addition to containing lots of MSG and preservatives, thus making the snack appetite declined. When lust child meurun, children just want to eat food with the savory flavors as has been mentioned above. If it is left continuously as a result is the child could be affected by obesity.


Lack Of Exercise

The most frequent causes of obesity for children and also dominates other adults because they lack of exercise. Sports is a healthy way of life that has to be done by many people. With the sport existing fat deposits in the body can be eliminated. Fat aan expelled through the urine and also through sweat. Fat deposits in the body that is what makes someone look fat. Fat deposits that exist within the body is very dangerous for the health of blood vessels and other organs.



Causes of obesity in children of this one also tend to be dominant. If the father or mother are obese or obese-body then children are obese and obesity tend to be large. Therefore, for mothers who are obese should take heart since the start of the fetus is in the womb. It is because the mother who suffered from obesity and a mother who suffered diabetes at risk of giving birth to infants with a weight over normal size.



The cause of children are obese more is because of the disease. Some diseases that can lead to child obesity terken is nerve-related disease or neurological and endocrine as well. If the child is already consuming a healthy diet every day coupled with healthy living patterns but the child still obese, parents can consultation to the doctor. Obese children may not because of the diet and an unhealthy pattern of his life, but due to the disease.

childhood obesity


Children who experience psychological disorder usually have body fat or obesity. The reason is the child who suffers from psychological disorders will be taking medication to cope with the disorders of his psychology. Not only that, the medication to address steroids can lead to fat and obese as well. The reason these medications can cause obesity because one of the side effects in the form of increased appetite.

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Children who are obese can also stress. Many things can be the cause of stress in children, one of them is the pressure from those people that are in the vicinity. Children who are extremely dangerous, in addition to stress can improve appetite and make the child obesity, stress will have a change in behavior.



Stress in children is not addressed properly, the child may become depressed. Depression is the cause of children experiencing obesity so that parents should know the traits of depression in children. If depression is not soon resolved, it will be very harmful because children could undergo psychiatric problem with them.


How to overcome Obesity in children

Tackling obesity in children is not as addressing the problem of obesity in adults. It was because of the way in adult people have not certainly fit for children, because if you don’t know the correct way the child can instead be experiencing health problems like disease typhoid and others. The following is the proper way of addressing obesity in children:

  • Change a child’s eating habits.
  • Parents make a program that can be used to control the weight of the child.
  • A healthy diet and avoid instant food or junk food.
  • Doing enough physical activity.
  • eat healthy.
  • Avoid eating in front of the television or on the computer.

That’s the range of causes of obesity in children and how to cope with it. Parents who have children should avoid the causes of obesity and implement healthy life patterns on her children.


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