A Sign of Early Pregnancy, 1 or 2 Months

A Sign of Early Pregnancy, 1 or 2 Months

Signs of Pregnant  one of which is delayed menstruation. but signs of pregnant not only delayed menstruation, there are still many signs of pregnancy for an expectant mother. The following are signs of pregnancy that you should know

# 1. Fatigue and excessive sleepiness (Fatigue)
Feeling tired and sleepy in pregnant women than caused by hormonal changes, also due to the performance of some vital organs such as kidney, heart, and lungs, is increasing. These vital organs are not only working to meet the needs of mothers, but also for the growth and development of the fetus. The mother’s stomach getting bigger with age pregnancy also provide a burden for the mother’s body.

# 2. Frequent urination / urination(Frequent urination)
After menstruation delayed one to two weeks, the desire to urinate more often than habit. This is due to the developing fetus in the uterus presses the bladder and due to the increasing circulation of blood. Besides faster bladder filled with urine and the desire to urinate more often. Improved sense of urination is also caused by an increase in the hormones of pregnancy. Although urinate often, not to restrict or restrain him. Additionally avoid dehydration by further increasing fluid intake into the body.

a sign of early pregnancy, 1 or 2 months

# 3. Constipation
Constipation occurs due to the increase in the hormone progesterone. This hormone besides relaxing the muscles of the uterus, also resulted in the loosening of the muscles of the intestinal wall, causing constipation or difficult bowel movements. But the advantage of this situation is allowed peyerapan better nutrition during pregnancy.

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# 4. The emergence of blood spots or spots followed by stomach cramps
Blood spots appear before the menstrual period to come, usually occurs between 8-10 days after ovulation. These blood spots caused by implantation (implantation bleeding) or the attachment of the embryo in the uterine wall. The emergence of spotting blood during pregnancy is sometimes mistaken for menstruation.
In addition, the release of blood spots are usually followed by stomach cramps. Stomach cramps on the condition of pregnancy will occur regularly. Abdominal cramps and conditions, will continue until the second trimester of pregnancy, until the uterus lies at the center position and is supported by the pelvis.

a sign of early pregnancy, 1 or 2 months
# 5. The rise in basal body temperature
In the event of a pregnancy or ovulation, then the mother’s body basal temperature will increase. These conditions will persist during pregnancy. This condition will not be down to the condition prior to ovulation.

Early Signs of Pregnancy (pregnancy symptoms) on top of a personal nature, not all women in early pregnancy absolutely have signs above, meaning that the enactment of pregnancy sign over there that are all experienced, varied, but some do not have any complaint. To further ensure, for I would have to do a pregnancy test (pregnancy test), whether done at home using a test pack or carried out in the lab doing tests on your blood.

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If you are expecting pregnancy experiencing Early Signs of Pregnancy hopefully well you’re pregnant. If so, it helps you get complete guidebook of our pregnancy, contains information that is important for you to live a healthy pregnancy. Because of the long drive the next 9 months of pregnancy need to be on guard with a good knowledge of the pregnancy. Because of course a healthy pregnancy will eventually produce fruit hearts yearning quality in parents. In addition there is a bonus pregnancy exercise videos that can help reduce complaints during pregnancy and also help the delivery process to make it more smoothly. then there is a pregnancy calendar that provides 17 essential information during pregnancy and collection of thousands of baby names for candidates for your baby.

# 6. Changes occur On Breast
If pregnancy occurs, the breasts will be enlarged, it is caused by increased production of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Besides breast conditions will also feel more soft, it creates a feeling of sensitive higher, until breasts will feel sore or painful when held. Similarly enlarged nipple and darker color will, sometimes itchy. Veins on the breast will also be seen due to the tension in the breast.
Besides hormonal activity occurs HPL (Human Placental Lactogen). The hormones produced by the body when the mother’s pregnancy to prepare the milk for your baby when it is born into the world.

a sign of early pregnancy, 1 or 2 months

# 7. Nausea and vomiting (Morning sicknes)
About 50% of women who experienced pregnancy will have these signs. The trigger was an increase in sudden hormone in the bloodstream. The hormone is HCG (Human chorionic gonadotrophin). Besides the blood, this hormone increases also occurred in the urinary tract. Hence, the tool pack pregnancy test done through the medium of urine, this is done to measure the occurrence of elevated levels of the hormone HCG. Increasing this hormone will lead to poignant effect on the stomach lining and cause nausea. Nausea usually disappears into the second trimester of pregnancy. If, nausea and vomiting still occurs in the second trimester of pregnancy, you should consult and consult on this matter with your doctor, because it will interfere with your pregnancy.

Nausea and vomiting is common morning sickness because it usually occurs during the morning. But in reality, nausea and vomiting may occur in the afternoon and evening as well. Even morning sickness occurs only when the mother is certain to smell or fragrance.

# 8. Frequent spitting (hypersalivation)
Signs of pregnancy is due to the effect of changes in the hormone estrogen, usually occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy. This condition usually disappears after pregnancy is the second trimester

# 9. Dizziness and headache (Headaches)
Disorders dizziness and headaches are often felt by pregnant women caused by physical factors; tiredness, nausea, hunger and blood pressure, low. While the emotional causes that their feelings of tension and depression. In addition, increase the supply of blood throughout the body can also cause dizziness when the mother changes position.

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