Acupuncture for Hay Fever Allergies: Is It the New Alternative?

Acupuncture for Hay Fever Allergies: Is It the New Alternative?

Acupuncture for Hay Fever Allergies: Is It the New Alternative?

Is it possible for you to undergo acupuncture for hay fever allergies? There is a belief that the acupuncture is helpful to treat several conditions, including acupuncture. However, there are some conflicting issues and opinions about the function and usage of the acupuncture. That’s why it would be such a good idea to know the real facts about the allergies before you try the treatment.

Hay Allergies Issues

Hay allergy is basically similar to other allergy issues, you need your own nasal spray or special medication to prevent the allergy from happening. The spray is also possible to alleviate the symptoms and reduce the severity of the allergy.

And then there is acupuncture, a herbal treatment from the ancient time believed to treat several medical conditions, such as headache, joint issues, and much more. That’s why herbalists believe that acupuncture is also beneficial to treat allergies, including hay fever. So, is it true about acupuncture for hay fever allergies? Is it truly effective to prevent the hay allergy?

Acupuncture for Hay Fever Allergies

The Basic Problems

The problem is, there hasn’t been any scientific or conclusive proof about the effectiveness of acupuncture for hay fever allergies. Several studies have been performed and some of the results are quite positive. But then again, there hasn’t been any solid scientific evidence to back up the claim. Just because the treatments work on several study groups, it doesn’t always mean that it is successful. There are several causes that may interfere with the outcome of the study. First of all, it is possible that the hay fever season has passed. Not to mention that the conditions of the participants are in a fit level, which affect the outcome of the study.

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Moreover, for some people, the acupuncture is considered less effective and efficient. Instead of having to go through 12 sessions of needle puncture time – where you may spend at least half an hour for each session – why not using the nasal spray that can be used immediately and deliver fast result? Some people may argue that acupuncture can prevent the allergy from happening but so is the nasal spray. If you use the spray regularly and constantly, you can prevent the allergy.

Moreover, no one can really stop the allergy from happening, unless you avoid the trigger. If you are still exposed to the trigger, then you will still suffer from the allergy – it is a common sense. Who can guarantee that you won’t suffer from further condition if you go through the acupuncture for hay fever allergies? With all of those needles going through your skin and your veins, who can be sure that you won’t deal with side effects?

In the overall effect, are you willing to go through a certain length just to undergo a treatment without any real solid proof? Are you willing to go the extra mile, going with the rather complicated process rather than having to use the nasal spray? In the end, it is up to you to make the decision. If you think that acupuncture for hay fever allergies can really help, it is your right to proceed or not – as long as you know the consequences.


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