hCG diet stands for human chronic gonadotropin. It’s a hormone found in the body of pregnant women. It is released by the placenta. hCG for weight loss has been found by researchers to be effective because of it’sthermogenic properties. It comes in several forms including simple drops, you can find details here. The drops are a much easier form to consume then having to give yourself shots each day to use the shot form.

But It’s An Untraditional Diet

You don’t have to use the same diet your neighbor used 15 years ago to lose weight. There are pros and cons to every diet and there are many dietary weight loss solutions to choose from. The weight loss answer for you is not going to be the same as your neighbors was. We are all different and different angles work for different people. You fail only when you quit. So don’t quit keep at it and soon you’ll be in the weight loss headlines too.

hCG Diet

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You’ve Got Fat

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We all have 3 types of fat in our bodies.

  • Structured Fat – this is found between our joints.
  • Abnormal Fat – These are deposits that cause obesity, not good. Abnormal fat is used during starvation and pregnancy.
  • Normal Fat – We’ve all got normal fat and want some. It is used by our bodies for our nutritional needs and functions.

Hcg Diet

Some Benefits of Using hCG Diet

A major benefit is how it breaks down the abnormal fat so you can lose weight easily. As with any diet or weight loss program you need to consult your physician but it has been proven to be safeIf you’ve got belly fat you want to strive for belly fat loss. Abnormal abdominal fat is a serious health risk.

Using it for weightloss could be your weight loss answer.

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It helps you lose fat in areas that are normally difficult to lose. Some of these areas are difficult even when using very strict diet programs and workout routines.

Emotionally it can be very helpful, sometimes we diet and the pounds come off so slowly we lose faith and give up. It helps you lose quickly very early in your diet keeping you motivated.

It boosts energy instead of giving you that lethargic dragging diet feeling.

Exercising is not a necessity as the hormone works alone, however we recommend exercise to increase your muscle tone and burn more caloires in your day to day living.


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