Arm fat and flabby arms can be reduced with these tips

Arm fat and flabby arms can be reduced with these tips

One area all us women are all keen to keep in shape is our arms and I always get asked “how can I lose arm fat?” or “how to get rid of bingo wings?”.  Well firstly arm fat and bingo wings is a common phenomenon as we age, but fortunately, one that can easily be addressed with regular arm exercises .It is particularly the muscles on the back of the arms known as the triceps and the front of the shoulders known as the deltoids that we need to focus on to tighten the arms.

Some great aerobic exercises you can do to help lose the arm fat and tone your arms at the same time is power walking, using some small hand weights these only need to be light and you can even use two small bottles of water, as when you power walk you engage your arms by pumping them back and forth, by having weights in the hands means you will be toning the arms while you walk. The other great exercises are swimming especially breast stroke as you get a great upper body workout as you pull yourself through the water, then the other is the rower, this is a great piece of equipment as you work out all the muscles in your body and the arms get a great toning session, also you can change your grip from over hand to under hand which then works more directly into the muscles at the back of the upper arm.

Arm fat and flabby arms

Then there are also chores around the house that we can do which help to tighten up those arms, cleaning windows is a great one and just make sure you use both arms. Sweeping or mopping a floor can work out those arms, just make sure you put some effort into each move.

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The important thing is to keep those muscles engaged so this means doing regular exercise, the other benefit to this is that the more toned your muscles are the more calories your body will burn so you can be melting off body fat at a higher rate.

To keep them toned, a good exercise you can do is a tricep dip: Sit on the edge of a chair hands hip distance apart and fingertips facing your toes. Support your weight, then slip off the chair and lower yourself towards the floor by bending your elbows only. Make sure your elbows stay pointing towards the back of the wall as you lower down. Then slowly push back to the start keeping your back close to the edge of the chair. This is a great move to tone those arms and always do this once you have warmed up, if you are new to exercise you may want to start this by simply just doing 10 then each week add 5 more, you will see how quickly you become fitter and can increase the repetitions  you can do, always stretch afterwards. You can check out my great course to lose the arm fat in 28 days here.

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