Despite its supporters, there are numerous reasons why Slimming World may not support one’s fat loss goal. And with unbiased foresight, the reasons below may evoke enough self reflection to consider SW’s legitimacy. –

Fat loss Tips
Fat loss Tips

1. The win or lose arena. Success/failure is literally determined each week via an ‘accountability weigh in’ which measures infinite other anatomical variables besides body fat. Considering daily weight fluctuations, this is an inaccurate method to measure weekly fat loss progress. –

2. Syns. Food type does not directly determine fat loss, but quantity does. Understanding of energy balance is replaced by sadistic motivation to under-eat syns. This wreaks havoc with one’s relationship with food because the very act conjures feeling of shame. Therefore, despite a ‘syn allowance’, this label creates guilt when eating certain items of food. Such promotion of disordered eating is unforgivable. –

3. Free foods. This equally deplorable aspect allows one to compromise any form of necessary caloric control through unlimited consumption of a selection of foods (some of which are calorie dense). Thus, one can literally create a caloric surplus with ease whilst following strict Slimming World ‘free food’ protocols.

4. Failure to address energy balance (caloric deficit). The withholding of the most critical piece of fat loss information is strategically designed to create the notion that only Slimming World’s formula can help you. Thus you continue paying them. –

For some, fat loss does occur via adherence to a Slimming World narrative. But if addressed scientifically, this is down to the physiological principles of negative energy balance over time. Not filling 1/3 of your plate with vegetables or eating ‘speed foods’.  Realisation of this can allow one to forego complicated guilt, shame and confusion and replace it with an informed lifelong education. The latter being more useful in times where alteration of body composition is desired. 🔥

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