How to Treat Cataracts

How to Treat Cataracts

Finding out how to treat cataracts is very important. Too many people that have them don’t even know it. As a result their vision continues to get worse and worse. Others are fearful of what the procedure will entail to correct the problem. The more you know about the treatment options the more comfortable you can become with making a decision.

Corrective Lenses

It is a myth that all individuals with cataracts also have problems with their vision to begin with. The use of corrective lenses may be a method of how to treat cataracts that can work for you. It is a low cost option so it is one that fits well into any budget. It is also a good idea for those in poor health that can’t undergo surgery at this point in time.

Your optometrist can help you to find the right corrective lenses. You may need to use bifocals that have a very strong magnification. You can also make some changes in your home and work area by modifying light so that you can see well in spite of your cataracts. Keep in mind though that this is all part of a temporary solution. It won’t cure the problem but it can slow down the progression of the cataracts.

How to Treat Cataracts

Cataract Surgery

The most popular method of how to treat cataracts though is through surgery. This is one of the most common forms of surgery out there. The technology in this area has advanced very rapidly. It is successful for restoring almost perfect vision for 9 out of 10 patients. The surgery can be done in house and a person is able to go home afterwards after a short recovery period.

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Depending on the severity of the cataract problem, it can all be done in an hour or several hours. This procedure is called Phacoemulsification. Using a microscope a very small incision is made close to the cornea. A probe is used to break up the clouded lens and then suction is used to remove those pieces.

An artificial lens is then inserted into that location. There are different types of lenses that can be inserted. What you will end up with depends on the determination that the surgeon makes.

How to Treat Cataracts

Preparing for the Surgery

The day before the cataract surgery you should refrain from eating or drinking anything after midnight. You should expect to stay at the facility for a while after the surgery is done. Vital signs will be closely monitored and have to be at acceptable levels before someone is released to go home.

It is important that someone drives you to your surgery as you won’t be able to drive yourself home afterwards. Some prescription eye drops may be necessary afterwards to help with discomfort but there shouldn’t be any severe pain. It can take several weeks for the full range of the new vision to be recognized.

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It is up to you – how to treat cataracts – based on the input from your doctor. A full assessment will be done to determine what your needs are. There are plenty of treatment options but not everyone is a good candidate for all of them. The types of cataracts you have, the severity of them, and your overall health will all be factors that have to be evaluated before a final decision can be made.

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