Miyth Cholesterol, You Must Know!

Miyth Cholesterol, You Must Know!

Did you know since 2015, cholesterol has been officially removed as a bad nutrient by the USDA – Ministry of Health in the United States.

Not yet believed?

Check this official report: https://health.gov/dietaryguidelines/2015/guidelines/

So long as this cholesterol is only used as a BLACK GOAT for many health problems. Even more extrem 2/3 heart attacks occur more in people whose cholesterol content is normal…

Try you asking anyone on what path causes heart disease? The most common answer you will receive is eating too much cholesterol and fat.

After years of research, finally began to open (although there are still many cons) about the causes of various types of modern health problems are carbohydrates (especially processed) and sugar.

Try to do own by dissolving sugar in water, initial insert 1 spoon of sugar, add another 1 scoop plus 1 spoon, continue to add more….

Then touch it with your skin, how it feels?

Yes! Sticky….
Own above the water is our blood, and sugar is carbohydrate (starch), including in the form of sugar that enters our body….
This glutinous “most likely ” that causes sticky fats in the blood vessels, so that the stroke, then make uric acid crystallized and stuck,

Since the year 1950, Coronary artery disease is the leading cause of death, and it is still to this day. Avoiding cholesterol, consumption of cholesterol-lowering drugs and eating low-fat does not stop the epidemic of heart disease.
Even reported side-effect cholesterol-lowering drugs trigger a weakening of the heart’s contraction (due to suppressing co-enzyme Q10).

Myth cholesterol
Myth cholesterol

A lot of people believe that eating chicken is more “heart healthy” than eating beef. But a new study has found that chicken and other white meat has every bit as much cholesterol as red meat. Both clog your arteries and lead to obesity, type 2 diabetes, erectile dysfunction, heart attacks and stroke. We link to our source from veganstreet.com/dailymeme-6-5-19.html

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