Untreated Strep Throat Complications and Prevention

Untreated Strep Throat Complications and Prevention

Please don’t keep untreated strep throat as long as you wish because it is very uncomfortable and dangerous for your health. In addition, this disease is commonly underestimated by people. It may cause complications if untreated. You should know these facts.

What It Is

Strep throat is basically a bacterial infection that will affect your throat for only a small portion of the sore throats. So, it is only affecting the throat in a small area. The sufferer of strep throat will feel sore and scratchy on his throat.

What happens when this disease untreated? The most common thing that will happen with untreated strep throat is to cause many complications. You may have kidney inflammation, rheumatic fever, and many other complications. The worst one is rheumatic fever that may give you painful and inflamed joints. The heart valve will be damaged and the sufferer may risk his life with this complication. For your information, this disease commonly affects our kids. But, it doesn’t close the possibility that strep throat also affect adults. Seeing your doctor as soon as possible when your kids have some symptoms of this disease may reduce the risk.


It is always important to see the symptoms of strep throat because we can immediately go to find a doctor to treat our illness. They are as follow:

  • Pain in the throat
  • Painful swallowing
  • Red and swollen tonsils, sometimes with white patches or streaks of pus
  • The back of the roof the mouth usually shows some tiny red spots
  • Swollen, tender lymph nodes in your neck
  • Fever
  • Rash
  • Younger kids may vomit frequently
  • Body aches
  • Headache

untreated strep throat

There is also a possibility that we have those symptoms but it doesn’t affect strep throat. On other hand, those symptoms may lead us to other diseases. That’s why we should see a doctor and do some treatments ASAP. According to some health websites, strep throat also occurs with no any symptoms.

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Here are the complications that may be suffered by adults as follow:

Tonsillitis is when the tonsils that usually aids he body to sort out the microorganism in preventing infection can’t do its job in filtering out the bacteria of strep throat. They will be swollen with some white spots on the top of the throat.

Scarlet Fever is when your skin comes out with a red rash over your chest and abdomen. If you keep it untreated, it will be spreading over your body.

Post-streptococcal Glomerulonephritis is when your kidney is infected with the untreated strep throat. It causes inflammation and kidney malfunctions so that your urine won’t be filtered normally. So, the symptoms can be identified through the urine output. It may include visible blood and some swelling face, eyes or abdomen. Chronic kidney failure is the worst thing that you may suffer if it is untreated.


Stay in healthy life style may help you to prevent untreated strep throat. Of course, it will prevent the risk of affecting by strep throat. Clean your hands, cover your mouth when coughing and don’t share personal item to others are the best examples of prevention.

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Swollen Ankles And Rash On Lower Legs: Causes and Treatment

Swollen Ankles And Rash On Lower Legs: Causes and Treatment

The swollen ankles and rash on lower legs may be symptoms of serious ailments. If you aren’t comfortable to see your doctor, you have to know the best causes of them at least. In other words, you have to read and notice this article because we have wrapped everything related to them below.


This is the closest ailment in regard to swollen ankles and rash on lower legs. For your information, Oedema occurs when the fluid are gathered beyond the blood vessels. We believe that you will easily notice Oedema when you see your ankles and legs. But, it is also able to appear in other locations of your body.

This condition may represent fluid overload of your body. Most experts also correlate it with the increased body weight. Please differentiate Oedema and subcutaneous fat.

Oedema can be noticed when you give some pressure to your skin. If there is fluid, you will notice an indent. Anyway, there are many causes that may lead you to have Oedema.


The swollen ankles and rash on lower legs can be caused by many things. One of them may come from a simple injury. You will feel pain and bruising over the body. Some redness in the areas is also available.

For your information, the oedema will be more painful if it consists of redness and bruising at the same time. The most common injury that may be harmful and swelling is an ankle sprain. As we can see, an ankle sprain is far away from the area of the injury. We can apply some ice and elevating the limb in order to reduce the pain.

Oedema can also be caused by the surgery. Basically, it comes up when you prolong the periods of the rest. You will feel the pain on the affected area as well as the tenderness, redness, and firmness of the calf.

This condition really needs a medical attention from a doctor because life-threatening disease like pulmonary embolus may occur when a clot is able to go to your lung.

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swollen ankles and rash on lower legs

Another cause of swollen ankles and rash on lower legs is caused by an infected bite or cut. The red skin with a slight pimple may appear on the cut area. To treat this pain, you need the antibiotics as soon as possible in order to reduce the irritation and swelling. The steroid cream is also necessary for the cut.

Last but not least the swelling of both legs will lead you into one more serious disease. It is about the heart failure. This ailment will trigger fluid retention as well as the ankle swelling. This is an initial sign of the disease.


To end up this first segment, we will see how to treat swollen ankles problem. Please find some medications like anti-inflammatory painkillers, hormonal medication, antidepressants, and heart medications to, at least, reduce the swelling.


This is the second ailment in regard to the rash on lower legs. It refers to the rash things on the legs. Experts call it as intertrigo. The most common areas infected by rash are buttock crease, groin, neck, arm pit, and under the breasts. It is commonly affecting overweight people who have complications like diabetes, and always sweating.

When the rash or intertrigo appear, you’ll see red and inflamed spots on your leg. You will feel itchy, stinging or burning as well.

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The most causes of intertrigo are thrush, erythrasma, and tinea causes. The first one usually occurs with itchy and wet feeling. The second one may cause your skin has brownish patches, while the last one is related to a fungal infection.


The same treatment is necessary. But you have to add anti-fungal cream to reduce the itchy feeling. That’s all thing you need to know about swollen ankles and rash on lower legs today.

Top Pressure Points For Nausea Problem

Top Pressure Points For Nausea Problem

You need to see these pressure points for nausea because they will be your first aids against this disease. As we know, nausea doesn’t pick the sufferers. Everybody can get nauseas anytime and anywhere for some reasons. Check them all below.

What is Nausea?

Nausea commonly leads our body to vomit as soon as possible. Yeah, that is why it is also known as vomiting. Did you know that nausea is also the most common symptom of many physical sicknesses? If you didn’t know it, you must have read this article entire. The most common ailments in regard to nausea are like pregnancy, indigestion, chemotherapy, empty stomach, and sea-sickness. Some people don’t treat nausea too much because they believe it will be eradicated by itself through time. This is not true because this small problem may lead us into risker illnesses and it may turn out to be more dangerous if untreated.

The negative stimulants for our body and mind such as trauma, stress, alcohol, pain or sad feeling may trigger the appearance of nausea. However, most people rely on some pills to reduce or stop nausea. The reason is because those pills are easy-to-find and fast. You have to know that home remedies with natural method can also help you deal with nausea. Moreover, it is more comprehensive and effective because you don’t need to consume some pills. The very popular method is through acupressure. What makes it special is that acupressure will stave-off nausea due to any cause and ailment.

How Does It Work?

The acupressure therapy is easy and simple. You just need to remember the pressure points for nausea that we will show after this paragraph. Acupressure is to give mild pressure on several locations in our body. This is actually an ancient Chinese that has already been proven by scientific researches. Basically, our body has a positive energy called Qi or Chi. This therapy can trigger this energy to cure any ailments, including nausea. There are about fourteen vital meridians in our body, and they are connected each other. This energy must be channeled by giving mild pressure to certain part of body.

Acupressure depends on a single point only. It will stimulate the Chi to heal one particular ailment that physically harms our body. This approach is so popular out there so that people just don’t have to rely on some medication anymore. Let’s go to the first point below.

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Large Intestine Point IV

The first one of pressure points for nausea is the large intestine point IV. This point can be found between the thumb and index finger. It is like connecting your thumb and finger. It also connects with your large intestine. Once you have found it, use another hand to give pressure on that point about three to four minutes. It will eradicate the nausea and other discomfort feeling.

Pericardium III

The second point is the pericardium III. For your information, this point can be found inside your elbow. Please fold your elbow first and look for the end of crease. There is where you have to put a gentle pressure for three to five minutes. This pressure helps you from suffering chest congestion, indigestion, and other problems related to your stomach.

Stomach 36 Point

The next one of top pressure points for nausea is the stomach 36 point. For your information, this acupressure point will be helpful when you find yourself in nausea condition. By pressing this point, you can relieve the nausea as soon as possible. Just look for the point underneath the knee. It is also located near your shinbone. Apply the pressure for four minutes and you will have the effect soon.

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Persistent Cough In Child With No Other Symptoms

Persistent Cough In Child With No Other Symptoms

What to do when you found persistent cough in child with no other symptoms? This is a common question for parents who have been facing the non-stop cough on their children. We here try to help you in handling this situation.

What is it?

Nonstop cough or persistent cough in child with no other symptoms is called chronic cough. For your information, this kind of cough becomes the most common reasons why children must see the medical attention, in this case a doctor. Chronic cough also affect five to ten percent of kids in the United States. If we count it, it is almost thirty million office visits every year. This number isn’t a surprising number at all due to the nature of coughing in which it becomes the most symptoms of other ailments. It is also the sign when the body doesn’t feel good and is going to affect with a sickness.

Commonly, a chronic cough or other respiratory infection will subside within a month. If persistent cough in child with no other symptoms, it may indicate that the ailment is more serious than we thought before. Medical attention is suggested if this happens to your kids or children. It is also the sign that the cough is being chronic.

How Does it Occur?

When human is coughing, the body reacts normally and the movement is so natural until he or she feels irritating in their throat, specifically in the airway. The airway starts from the nose, nasal passages, pharynx, larynx, trachea to lungs. When something wrong in the airway, the nerves in the airway will immediately give a sign to the brain in order to empty the airways so that the breathing will be cleared. The most common thing that fills the airway is the mucus.

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What If It Doesn’t Stop?

Once the brain signals the nerve to clear the airway but it doesn’t clear completely, it will cause the cough with phlegm.  If it stays more than a month, the chronic cough must be diagnosed by the doctor or pediatrician because they are able to diagnose the causes of the cough. However, if it is still a persistent cough in child with no other symptoms, your kids may affected by other complications. In other words, you have to find a specialist.

persistent cough in child with no other symptoms


In order to understand better symptoms and diagnosis of persistent cough in child, here are the common causes of chronic coughing in children.

Allergies and sinusitis are the most common causes why your kids have a chronic cough. Experts always consider both ailments in the very beginning. If your kids always sneeze frequently, the kids may have allergic rhinitis. They tend to clear the mucus on their nose. On other hand, sinusitis may give the kids with pain or pressure in their face. The nasal drainage also comes up with yellow-green color.

Asthma is the next culprit of chronic coughing. The sufferers of asthma will have breath with a whistling and wheezing in the chest. In fact, a cough may be the only symptoms of asthma. So, you must pay attention to this disease.


The next disease that owns the coughing as the main symptoms is aspiration. It commonly occurs when the kids have a history of pneumonia. For your information, aspiration appears when the food is swallowed and then passing the vocal cords and heading the lungs.

Blockage airway

Chronic cough is a persistent cough in child with no other symptoms. In other words, the airway is blocked by something like a foreign object. Your kids may experience chocking while eating. This condition may trigger an asymptomatic period that needs a recovery time about two weeks before complications.

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Friedreich’s Ataxia Symptoms and Treatment

Friedreich’s Ataxia Symptoms and Treatment

Friedreich’s Ataxia Symptoms and Treatment You Must Know

You may need to read these Friedreich’s Ataxia symptoms so that you can check whether or not you are affected by this disease. This is indeed a rare genetic disease, but it is always worth it for us to know what it is and what they symptoms are.

What it is

It is a rare genetic disease as we aforementioned above. In simple words, it is a rare disease that relates to the human’s genetic; and not all humans can be affected with this Friedreich’s ataxia. The sufferers of Friedreich’s Ataxia symptoms will have much difficulty to walk and even to speak. They are like losing any sensation and feeling especially in their arms and legs. Another name of it is called spinocerebellar degeneration. The main cause is at the parts of their brain and spinal cord, which are likely damaged. Some patients are also affected on their heart. The word “ataxia” meaning is to have a lack of order. Actually, there are many types of ataxia based on their causes. Freidreich’s ataxia is one of them.

This disease can affect any age, ranging from 2 to 50 years old. Commonly, the disease affects children in ten to fifteen years old. According to healthline.com, this disease comparison is approximately 1:40000. It means there will be one person who is affected by Friedreich’s ataxia among 40,000 people. The world hasn’t found the cure of it yet. But, there are some treatments that we can do to reduce the risk. We concern with the Friedreich’s Ataxia symptoms firstly so that the treatment will be necessary to prevent the disease.

Friedreich’s Ataxia symptoms

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Let’s have a look to some symptoms aside from difficulty with walking as follow:

  • The sufferer may affect with vision changes
  • They also will lose their hearing
  • Their muscles become weaker
  • The lack of reflexes may happen especially in the legs
  • Their coordination is very poor
  • They can even communicate normally
  • Involuntary eye movements
  • They have foot deformities
  • They can sense any vibration in their feet and legs

One study shows that about 75 percent of Friedreich’s ataxia sufferers have a heart disease, such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It is when the health muscle is thickened. In addition, the Friedreich’s Ataxia symptomsof this heart disease are as follow:

  • Hearth pulse,
  • Pain in the chest,
  • Short breath.

Diabetes is one of Friedreich’s ataxia complications too.

Friedreich’s Ataxia symptomsss


After knowing the Friedreich’s Ataxia symptoms, it would be better if we also know the best treatment of it. This disease has no cure. But, some treatments can reduce the symptoms surely. The best treatment is physical therapy as well as speech therapy. Both therapies may help you to stay in a good condition and your muscle will be active. Using walking aids is also necessary to help you stand and walk. To reduce the heart disease and diabetes, ask some medications to your doctor.

Keep in healthy lifestyle; always read information about these Friedreich’s Ataxia symptoms will also help you to increase your morale and psychology. It may require some help from your family or friend by the way. But, the outcome is effective.

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Natural Cure For Stomach Ulcer: 5 Effective Home Remedies to Cure Stomach Ulcer

Natural Cure For Stomach Ulcer: 5 Effective Home Remedies to Cure Stomach Ulcer

Natural Cure For Stomach Ulcer: 5 Effective Home Remedies to Cure Stomach Ulcer

We have five home remedies or natural cure for stomach ulcer sufferers. They are natural and safe for your health. In addition, we also provide the definition of stomach ulcer before we are going to the points.

What is it?

Stomach ulcers occur when you feel sore or poignant on the stomach area. For your information, this disease is one of peptic ulcer types, which deal with acid inside your body. Because of this acid, you will feel pain and hurt around the stomach. The damage will be higher and extreme within minutes or hours and you have to pass this stage for a period of time. According to the experts, this acid and disease is commonly caused by the H. pylori or bacterium Helicobacter pylori. Some people tend to overuse the painkillers, including aspirin and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories. These medicines will decrease the damage of the acid as well as the pain. These kinds of medication are fine, but they will be bad if overused. That is why these home remedies are important because they are natural and easy-to-find with the same effects of those antibiotics.

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The first natural cure for stomach ulcer is flavonoid. Its other name is known as bioflavonoids. Experts believe that the kinds of flavonoid can be a best additional treatment or remedy to reduce the effect of stomach ulcers. If you wonder where to find the content of flavonoids, they are mostly found in fruits and vegetables. Here is the list of them as follow:

  • soybeans
  • legumes
  • red grapes
  • kale
  • broccoli
  • apples
  • berries
  • teas, especially green tea

Consume these foods to help your body fighting the H. pylori bacteria. Many experts also refer the flavonoids as gastroprotective that will protect the lining of the stomach from the acid and bacteria effectively. They are also active to heal the damage.

Deglycyrrhizinated licorice

The simpler name is licorice. This is a plain version of old licorice with extracted sweet flavor that becomes a natural cure supplement for stomach ulcer. A study has proven that deglycyrrhizinated licorice is able to aid the stomach ulcer sufferers by eliminating the growth of H. pylori bacteria. However, please don’t consume this supplement too much because it is sweet and not good for some people who have to avoid sugar or sweet food. If you consume it more than 2 ounces, it will make your blood pressure high and increase the heart disease risk. So, please consume it wisely just to cure the painful stomach ulcer.

natural cure for stomach ulcer


The next natural cure for stomach ulcer is by consuming probiotics that you can find on fermented foods. Probiotics are also important to increase the health of your digestive tract. The foods that contain many probiotics are as follow:

  • buttermilk
  • yogurt
  • miso
  • kimchi
  • kefir

If you hate eating these foods, you can have them in the form of supplement. Many studies have some evidences that probiotics are active to eliminate the bacteria that may cause stomach ulcer like H. pylori. They also heal the damage area of the disease quickly for some people.

natural cure for stomach ulcer


As well as licorice, honey also owns sweet taste. But, honey is far more special than it because honey is able to contain about 200 elements, depending on the plant that have been used to make the honey. Mostly, it contains many antioxidants and polyphenols. It makes honey become a strong antibacterial food against H. pylori bacteria. The more honey you consume, the lesser the growth of this bacteria. However, it is always important not to consume honey too much when you have high or abnormal blood sugar levels.


Many people underestimate this last natural cure for stomach ulcer. Garlic isn’t only good as food ingredients, but also good as natural remedy for your health. But, you need garlic extract this time to remove all H. pylori bacteria.

The Difference Between Sprain And Strain That You Must Know Plus Treatment

The Difference Between Sprain And Strain That You Must Know Plus Treatment

The difference between sprain and strain won’t be easy to find for common people like us. It takes times to differentiate and identify whether it is sprain or strain. In this opportunity, we would like to help you in identifying this problem. We will see it from a various factors such as symptoms, causes, and treatment of sprain and strain.


This is the clearest way to see the difference between sprain and strain. They may be similar and interchangeably, but the symptoms can be felt differently by the patients or sufferers of these diseases. Let’s check out the symptoms of them one by one below.

If you have suffered a joint sprain, it is usually caused by overstretching or tearing your ligaments. What are ligaments by the way? They are the bands of tissues that connect your bone to another in a connection or joint of your body parts. If you wonder the most parts of your body that suffer for a sprain, it must be the ankle joint.

On other hand, a joint strain is caused by overstretching or tearing your muscles or tendons. Tendons are the tight fibrous cords of tissue that link your bones to muscles. When you suffer a joint or muscle strain, the most common places are your lower back and hamstring muscles.

So, the most common locations of both diseases are very different. It is the first difference between sprain and strain. The sprains usually appear with bruising especially at the affected joint, while the strains come with muscle spasm at the affected muscle.

difference between sprain and strain

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Then, the difference between sprain and strain can be identified clearly when we find out the causes. We usually work hard every day doing our daily activities. So, it is very common for us to suffer strain or sprain every day. Some activities that may cause your joints suffered or injured are as follow:

  • athletic activities or exercise such as swimming or jogging
  • Incidental accidents, such as falling or slipping
  • lifting heavy objects from one place to another
  • sitting or standing in an uncommon position
  • Doing repetitive motion in a long time

Meanwhile, the most affected joints of those activities are such as your back, wrist, ankle, knee, and thumb. Those locations should be pain for you. But, it is the point of this section. We have stated the joint strain will affect your back as well as the hamstring muscles. On other hand, the joint sprain mostly affects your ankle.


Although we discuss about the difference between sprain and strain, treating these diseases will use the same or similar technique. But, we always recommend using the professional cares such as medical doctors when you are suffering hard sprain or strain. So, this technique is for mild sprain or strain only. It is called and popular as RICE. R is for resting the affected part of your body. Chill and relax. I standsfor ice. Yes, using ice will reduce the pain. Please don’t take ice directly to your skin. Use some cover. C is for compression by wrapping the joint with bandage. Lastly, E stands for elevation. Elevate the affected joint about a level above your heart.

Constipation After Gastric Sleeve Surgery Facts and Treatment

Constipation After Gastric Sleeve Surgery Facts and Treatment

If you suffer constipation after gastric sleeve surgery, you are in the right time and place. We will talks about this suffering in this article so that you will have better understanding about this disease in the future. Read them all one by one below.

What Is It?

Constipation is the most common complaints that people get after they have a weight loss surgery such as gastric sleeve surgery. In details, the constipation is basically when your body especially your bowels can’t be emptied in normal way. It is usually signed by hardened feces. The movements of your bowel are likely blocked by something. This condition may appear less than once a week. This is a normal side effect of the weight loss surgery like gastric sleeve surgery. However, most people believe that they will have constipation if they don’t do any bowel movement every day. The constipation is probably occurred after the gastric sleeve surgery if there is no bowel movement in your body. It is still a fifty-fifty change whether the bowel movements are the same or not.


How Does it Happen?

Most cases of constipation after gastric sleeve surgeryshow that this disease doesn’t provide serious complications in a short time. But, it will be more severe if you don’t treat it for long time. So, understanding the causes and treatment can be a good thing to do for you who are suffering this constipation at the moment. This untreated condition will provide discomfort feeling to you since the stool is hardened in the large intestine. It is also usually followed by high amount of gas, depending on the levels of your constipation.

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Here are the most probable causes of constipation after gastric sleeve surgery as follow:

  • A quick reduction of food or drink daily consumption
  • Iron supplement
  • Consuming such medications like tranquilizer, antidepressants, etc.
  • Weak muscles of lower body parts
  • Using narcotic pain medications at the early post-op phase.
  • The lack of water or fluid intake in your body so that the stool and feces don’t move properly or even stop from moving to lower area. It is suggested to drink water at least forty eight ounces every day.
  • Avoiding diuretics that are important to increase the production of urine such as caffeine.
  • The lack of exercise. Many doctors suggest the patients of the gastric sleeve surgery to walk as soon as possible after their surgery approximately a month after it.
  • Inadequate fiber intake. High fiber food helps the stool to move and trigger the bowel movements quickly.


Preventing it happens is the best treatment of constipation after gastric sleeve surgery. Some serious complications such as hemorrhoids, intestinal blockages, and hernias may follow the constipation after long time untreated. When you have to consume an iron supplement after the surgery, you may need some stool softeners to help the bowel movements. You can look for Colace, which is over-the-counter medicine that you can find anywhere. You may need this for the first month until you are able to consume high fiber food and drink.

What if the constipation after gastric sleeve surgery has already occurred? Consult to your doctor as soon as possible is the last plan to do. But, you may reduce it by consuming a Dulcolax suppository, Milk of Magnesia, or Fleets enema. Please don’t hesitate to see your doctor or surgeons. Avoid some laxatives because it may prevent the normal bowel movements. However, not all constipation is caused by the surgery. Some bowel function problems or diseases can’t be related to gastric sleeve surgery. It requires the experts’ diagnosis surely so that the evaluation will be more reliable. The doctor or surgeon is your best way to diagnose the current problem of your constipation.

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