How to treat hemorrhoids

How to treat hemorrhoids

Treat hemorrhoids ? The prevalence of hemorrhoids is over 4 per cent, which makes this condition a relatively common one. Hemorrhoids occur when the veins in the rectal area get swollen or inflamed.

An important cause of hemorrhoids is the formation of small caliber stools, which are the result of a low fiber diet and which are associated with defecation straining. However, this is not the only cause of hemorrhoids.

Other factors that determine the occurrence of hemorrhoids include pregnancy, high blood pressure, venous return problems caused by old age, chronic constipation, portal hypertension and anorectalvarices.

An important cause of hemorrhoids is genetic predisposition; many studies have shown that people that have family members that suffer from this condition are more predisposed to it.

Diet and eating habits are other factors that can determine the occurrence and course of hemorrhoids. There is a strong association between insufficient water intake, vitamin E deficits or the consumption of an abnormally high quantity of aliments that contain lactic acid and hemorrhoids.

How to treat hemorrhoids

There are two types of hemorrhoids (internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids) and each of them has a different set of signs and symptoms.

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Internal hemorrhoids are more severe than external hemorrhoids and, if they go untreated, they can cause severe impairment. Many people do not know that they have internal hemorrhoids because there are no pain receptors inside the rectum and, consequently, they do not feel any pain associated with this condition.

However, internal hemorrhoids can cause bleeding associated with bowel movements, as well as itching in the area of the rectum. If internal hemorrhoids are not treated, they can degenerate into prolapsed or strangulated hemorrhoids, which are two of the most severe forms of hemorrhoids.

How to treat hemorrhoidsExternal hemorrhoids appear outside the anal canal and they often cause pain, inflation and swelling. The most painful forms of external hemorrhoids are acute thrombosis hemorrhoids, which occur when the external hemorrhoid is strangulated. These kinds of hemorrhoids are usually extremely painful and they can disturb the entire lifestyle of the patient.

Hemorrhoid treatment is different depending on the severity of the condition. For mild cases, hemorrhoid treatment can be limited to warm baths, the daily usage of a bidet, different analgesics or cold compresses. These basic hemorrhoid treatment methods offer fast relief, but they do not cure this condition.

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External hemorrhoids can be treated by applying hemorrhoid cream on the affected area. Diet changes and natural remedies are usually recommended in the hemorrhoid treatment of mild to moderate cases.

For severe cases of external hemorrhoids, as well as in the case of internal hemorrhoids, medical or surgical methods are used. Some of the most common medical and surgical hemorrhoid treatments are rubber band ligation, galvanic electrotherapy, injection therapy, cryosurgery, and enema or laser coagulation.

In very severe cases of hemorrhoids, doctors usually recommend hemorrhoidectomy, a surgical procedure that is designed to remove hemorrhoids.

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