How to Treat Jaundice

How to Treat Jaundice

Jaundice is a type of symptom that can develop when the body has some underlying health concern. There is too much bulirubin in the blood and that is what causes the skin to turn yellowish.

The liver isn’t able to remove that excess from the body fast enough. It can also be caused by the liver not functioning properly or the bile duct being blocked. Identifying the cause of the problem will determine how to treat jaundice with the best possible success.

Is Jaundice Serious?

Jaundice by itself isn’t serious and it is treatable. However, a person should never ignore the warning signs that it offers. The medical problem that has caused it to occur needs to be reviewed and evaluated. A doctor needs to be consulted so that an assessment, physical exam, and blood testing can all be completed. Part of how to treat jaundice is ensuring a proper diagnosis has been made from the start.

An individual with jaundice will experience itching that can be very severe. It can prevent them from concentrating and even from getting enough sleep at night. It can prevent the blood from clotting like it should. Anyone with jaundice should be extra careful to prevent injuries or excessive bleeding can occur.

How to Treat Jaundice

Medical Treatment Options for Jaundice

Learning how to treat jaundice though can prevent it from being serious. Once the doctor has been able to determine what the underlying cause is, that has to be treated. For example if the problem is with the bile duct being blocked then it most be corrected. This is often done through surgery. A shunt may be inserted into the area to remove the blockage but it is only a temporary solution.

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Eventually, it is likely that the individual will need to have the gall bladder removed. The bile duct is very important for proper digestion. When it is blocked the body can be robbed of vital vitamins and nutrients that it needs for survival.

Another common reason for jaundice is that the kidneys or the liver aren’t working properly. There are several levels of kidney disease so that will have to be evaluated. The combination of medication, exercise, and a proper diet can help to reduce the problems associated with it. For liver problems, medication may also be needed to take care of it.

When the body is producing too much bulirubin, medication may be necessary to get that back into balance. Individuals with jaundice are often asked to get lots of sunlight. This can be outdoors or it can be sitting inside by a window for several hours a day.

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Many newborns suffer from jaundice so their parents will place them by the window in a bassinette or car seat throughout the day. There are also lamps that offer artificial UV rays that can be used for this purpose.

A combination of efforts may be necessary to properly figure out how to treat jaundice for any given individual. There can be more than one medical concern that has to be evaluated. At the same time the response that someone will have to medications and other forms of treatment can vary.

How to Treat Jaundice

Home Remedies for the Treatment of Jaundice

You will find that there are several home remedies regarding how to treat jaundice. While you can use them in addition to what your doctor recommends you don’t want to use them in place of seeking medication attention. Otherwise that underlying health concern will only continue to get worse.

Drinking tomato juice is a great remedy and you can drink several glasses of it a day to help flush toxins out of the body. If you have liver problems consuming several glasses of water each day with lemon can help with the jaundice. This will flush toxins and reduce the amount of work that the liver has to do.

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