9 herbal remedy for coronary heart disease

9 herbal remedy for coronary heart disease

Coronary artery disease is heart disease that occurs due to damage to the blood vessel walls of the heart itself. Many of the causes that lead to the onset of coronary artery disease are due to smoking, pollution and high cholesterol. Cholesterol on the heart would make on the heart vessels narrowed so as to make the heart must work more extras in the blood pumping and flow it case all the body.

Apart from other causes of cholesterol coronary heart is free radicals, in which free radicals is one of molecular ions that do not have a partner. Certainly these ions have a destructive nature. So he will damage the blood vessels. There are many free radicals that may cause damage to the arteries. For it to know for sure what the cause of coronary artery disease. Symptoms of coronary artery disease, coronary heart herbal remedy and anyone that is easily affected by coronary artery disease.

coronary heart disease

Symptoms Of Coronary Artery Disease

  • Chest pain
  • shortness of breath
  • Feel pain in the neck
  • Jaw pain
  • Body feels achy and sore
  • The arm felt tired easily

There are six symptoms inflicted on coronary artery disease. Apart from the symptoms to know next is a cause that can lead to coronary artery disease causes coronary artery disease include

The cause of coronary artery disease

  • Smoke
  • Consumption of foods that contain a lot of cholesterol
  • Don’t pay attention to a healthy lifestyle
  • Many consume junk food and fast food
  • Obesity
  • Experiencing high blood
  • Many consume alcohol
  • Lack of time to sleep
  • Have a history of heart disease from our suffering families
  • The age of the already vulnerable or is old
  • Experiencing stress at very high
  • Lazy doing sports especially in the morning
  • Often doing therapy treatment in the chest area especially therapy cancer treatment

The existence of a cause of the heart coronary this needs to look out for, and need to be avoided, lest already knowing the cause in fact cannot be avoided. By avoiding the cause then it would not have been possible coronary artery disease. Because it is better to prevent than to treat, prevent from occurrence of coronary heart and treat coronary artery disease. As for coronary heart herbal remedy can be listened here.

  1. Garlic

Garlic can be used as a natural herbal remedy for the heart. Even garlic is not only good for the heart but also can treat high blood garlic is one of the foods for lowering high blood so he is good for the heart. Basically this very heart has an important role in the body, because the heart acts directly to pump blood throughout the body.

Garlic has antioxidants that quite a lot so it’s good for the body, especially for the heart. Antioxidant substances in garlic in able to fight heart disease. In the consumption of garlic is very easy, just need to make it us spicy soy sauce. Can diuleg directly with some Chili, but not too spicy. Could then be mixed with soy sauce. Another way is to seduh then be drunk directly while warm.

  1. Appointment Sleigh

Appointment of the bells is the medicinal plants that are good for coronary artery disease. Appointment shall have the benefit of very high u.s. most plants and herbs. Appointment of the bells is very often used as a medicinal herb. To treat coronary artery disease appointment sleigh just need to drink regularly. Drink once a day in warm conditions to make it more delicious. With consumption each day can help cure coronary heart.

  1. Honeycomb blood

Blood is a herbal concoction made of honeycomb honeycomb plant blood. This herbal plant has very good efficacy for coronary heart. By consuming blood then honeycomb would make it easy for yourself to live more healthily. Benefits of honeycomb blood not only for coronary artery disease, but he also has benefits to stop bleeding when bleeding occurs such as childbirth, can then be discharged to overcome high blood sufferers.

In addition it is also useful for blood honeycomb overcame a fever so fever will be easily reduced temperature and will be easily cured. Honeycomb blood is indeed a highly nutritious plant primarily to treat coronary artery disease.

coronary heart disease

  1. Zedoary

Zedoary is a plant with the same appointment-teuan other zedoary turmeric is a plant with compatriots. Zedoary turmeric this is white. In latin the zedoary has a name of curcuma zedoaria. He is the appointment not aing again in Indonesian society event had almost often used for drugs in the village. Zedoary is not only good for health but he also bik to keep beauty and body immunity.

Zedoary can be used u.s. coronary heart drug, but additionally zedoary can also be used as a anti pain suffered at the time of menstruation. High blood pressure cure and cure gout. As well as the symptoms of diabetes. Although diabetes can be cured by doing recovery using food to prevent diabetes but it is diabetes hereditary so need to be beware of since the beginning. Diabetes offspring so need to look out for from the beginning, that is why the community more ofte

  1. Ant

Ant is an herbal remedy that can cure coronary heart herbal remedies comes from the land of papua which already often applied in indonesia. Ant has a high antioxidant content. High antioxidant content on this Ant is tocopherols and flvonoid substances.

Basically this compound is able to reactivate the heart function and thins the blood vessels in the heart, the coronary heart on the heart so that it can be easily cured with Ant. Ant Dairy can be consumed every day, of course with the dairy that routine Saturday. If not regularly allow healing process would be long.

  1. The Leaves Of The Gods

This medicinal plant is the red fruits contain antioxidants that will higher good for heart health. However, the gods can leaf used drug by doing konsumsnya us vegetables or can be used as an herb. Herb leaves God this made with pounded until smooth, then blend the warm water then filter. This will help launch the circulation of blood in the heart so that it will reduce the bad effects of coronary artery disease.

  1. Noni fruit

Apparently the fruit of noni also including medicinal plants. Pace is indeed very rarely endeared among adolescents. Although he has very many benefits. Pace often disliked because it smelled unpleasant and it feels less deliciously. But it turns out it is the fruit of noni fruits that can provide healing effectively on coronary artery disease.

  1. The mangosteen rind

Mangosteen has a high antioxidant so good for skin health. mangosteen fruit is not only beneficial but also beneficial fruit Peel. Mangosteen rind turns can be made us the most efficacious remedy for treating coronary artery disease. On sebaah research mentioned that by doing the therapy using mangosteen rind can be cure various heart disease especially in coronary artery disease. Moreover, it can also to treat high blood and treat diabetes

  1. Leaves of breadfruit

It has the benefits of breadfruit leaves are good for the heart. Even the leaves contain anti-inflammatory substances breadfruit that nourish the heart and coronary heart can heal. In addition to cardiovascular health leaf breadfruit has benefits for health in the kidneys.

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Nine coronary heart herbal remedy can be found easily on plant medicines. Even medicinal

coronary heart disease

plants on top of the plant is not dangerous, so will not be dangerous if consumed daily. Rather than have to consume a lot of medicines that contain chemicals that will cause addiction.

Tips For Preventing Coronary Artery Disease

  1. Applying the pattern of healthy living

a healthy lifestyle is to consume a healthy diet, such as foods containing omega 3, protein-containing foods, foods that contain calories, and foods rich in fiber. With such ingestion of course in accordance with respective portions will make life to be healthy

Primarily consume healthy foods for the heart so that the heart will look healthy and well there is nutrition. The pattern of healthy living is indeed not easy but has a very good impact for the health of the body. Than have to do unhealthy lifestyle that would be self-defeating. Us for the food that are not us healthy as the dangers of junk food because he was dangerous to heart health.

  1. Not smoking

the dangers of smoking for the human heart is cause of coronary artery disease and other heart diseases, smoking is an activity that emit a dangerous molecule compounds that are damaging, so these molecules “will make the heart becomes difficult doing ektivitas. Carried oxygen from the lungs throughout the body especially to the heart will take effect with heart health. If it’s on oxygen alone is doped with smoke could be blood flowing throughout the body would be contaminated by molecular compounds it.

  1. Avoid stress

Stress has become the main cause of coronary artery disease. Usually sufferers heart shouldn’t feel stress because it will damage the heart itself. The condition of stress on the heart it will add to the bad State of the heart for it to treat coronary artery disease required How to cope with stress so that the heart condition has become relaxed.

  1. Treating hypertension

Hypertension is high blood disease that can damage the heart’s blood. This automatic high blood will worsen the State of heart if not immediately treated high blood. Many ways to treat high blood, and one of them a drug that is to customize themselves to remain relaxed, in addition consumption of some foods can relieve high blood high blood in order to be dropped. High blood descent or blood it can make hypertension on the heart flows with ease and will restore the stamina of the heart itself.

  1. Avoid obesity

Obesity has become the cause of heart unhealthy. Because the heart would be narrowed so that it should be more active in pumping blood. By eliminating obesity means heart help to be able to work with normal coronary artery on especially disease, coronary artery disease would be easily treated with it.

Natural Remedies for Migraines and Headaches

Natural Remedies for Migraines and Headaches

Do you suffer from constant headaches or migraines? If you do, you may be looking to seek relief. With that being said, even if you only occasionally suffer from headaches or migraines,you may still be seeking fast relief, but in a natural way. For natural ways to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with migraines and headaches, please continue reading on.

Grapes are a great and natural way to seek relief from a headache or a migraine. When it comes to using grapes to seek relief, there are a number of different steps that can be taken. For natural consumption, just eat a bowlful of ripe grapes. Another approach involves just drinking the juice, as the juice is what provides the relief. With this approach, squish or grind a few grapes and drink the juice.

In keeping with what is consumed, it is important to eat a proper diet. Diet is not only an ideal way to help get over a migraine quicker, but it is also a way to reduce your chances of suffering from one. A well balanced diet is key to staying happy and healthy. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, honey, yogurt, and milk are advised. In fact, one other natural remedy for headaches that comes highly recommended is eating a fresh apple each morning.

Water is also key to reducing the average time frame of a headache or a migraine. As with a healthy diet, the regular consumption of water can help to prevent the onset of headaches and migraines. In addition to drinking plain water, another home and natural remedy for headaches and migraines that comes recommended is that of honey. Many headache and migraine sufferers report a decrease or complete elimination in pain when drinking a glass of water with a teaspoon of honey.

A cold compress can also and should be used to help treat a migraine or a headache. A ziplock bag filled with ice or a cold washcloth can be used. Although a cold compress is an ideal way to seek relief from a headache or a migraine, there are also individuals who claim that heat provides them with assistance. If you would like to try this approach, start with warm washcloths or towels around the neck and armpits.

Those who have the option to do so are encouraged to sleep when they develop a painful headache or migraine. Although sleep may not provide permanent relief, the temporary relief is still preferred by many. Even if sleep is not possible, like if you are a parent who is at home with your child, stay in a dark room. Light can often complicate a headache, especially a migraine. This can make the pain much worse or even unbearable for many. For that reason, those suffering from migraines are encouraged to limit their exposure to household lights, sunlight, television, and computer screens.

Headaches, especially migraines, can be debilitating. Some sufferers are unable to continue on with their daily activities. If this describes you and if you have tried the above mentioned natural and home remedies for migraines without success, you may want to consider contacting a healthcare professional. As nice as it is to stay natural, it is important to be able to complete your daily tasks, especially if you are employed or a parent.

Sprained Foot Treatment and the Right Care

Sprained Foot Treatment and the Right Care

Sprained Foot Treatment and the Right Care

Knowing the right sprained foot treatment is crucial when you want to address the issue properly without causing further problem, or pain. Everyone must have sprained their foot at least once in their lifetime so the accident involving it is pretty common. However, a lot of people may perform the wrong care that it prolongs the pain and the issue. Some people may even overreact and overdo the whole thing.

The Common Cause

When you accidentally twist your foot, being hit, or fall, the sprain can happen. The accidents may cause the ligaments (responsible for connecting the bones within the joint) to stretch or tear, moving it out of the natural position. The sprain itself can be mild, or it can be moderate and severe. The sprained foot treatment depends on the severity. In a mild case, for instance, the sprain can heal on its own as long as you give it a time to rest, and you don’t put too much burden on the foot. But in moderate or severe cases, you may have to go to the doctor.

The First Treatment

When you sprain your foot, you will notice a feel of discomfort or pain, and you may not be able to use your foot as usual. You may have the difficulty to walk straight or properly. Don’t force yourself. Don’t strain yourself. There are the first things you should do to make yourself feel better and prevent further pain.

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  • First of all, you need to rest and not using the injured foot to move around. One of the most common methods in sprained foot treatment is simply to lie down after the accident has happened.
  • Avoid putting too much weight on the injured foot. Don’t move around too much. It is possible to use a cane or a crutch so you won’t put too much pressure on the injured foot.
  • Ice compress is great to prevent pain and swelling. It will also ease off any discomfort. You can apply the cold compress for 15 minutes for eight times a day. Just don’t apply the compress for more than 20 minutes because it may lead to injury.

Different Grades of the Sprain

You may not know this but there are different sprain grades resulting in different conditions and also proper sprained foot treatment.

  • In grade 1, the sprain is quite mild because there is only microscopic damage to the ligament
  • In grade 2, the sprain is moderate because there is a severe stretching as well as partial torn ligaments
  • In grade 3, the ligaments are completely torn , causing you not being able to move or bear the weight. It is possible that your doctor may ask you to wear a cast, preventing you from using that foot completely.

Whatever you do, never try to correct your condition by yourself. Don’t massage it or even try to twist it. It will only make the problem get worse and it doesn’t solve the problem. If the pain doesn’t subside within a few days, go to the doctor to get the right sprained foot treatment.

Sesamoid Bone Fracture: Understanding the Issue

Sesamoid Bone Fracture: Understanding the Issue

Sesamoid Bone Fracture: Understanding the Issue

When you suffer from sesamoid bone fracture, it can affect your overall movement and gait. The bone may be small but it doesn’t mean that you should neglect it. Be sure to know the basic facts of the bone – and also possible injuries – so you know what to prepare and what to expect. Never underestimate the injury, no matter how small it looks.

What Is Sesamoid Bone?

It is basically a bone located on the tendon of the ball of your foot, right beneath the joint of your big toe. The bone is a pea-shaped bone (usually two of them), responsible for helping you move as well as your big toe’s movement. Sesamoid acts like a pulley as well as providing leverage for the big toe for running and walking normally. It also acts as the weightbearing surface that will absorb the body’s weight placed on the foot’s ball when running, jumping, and walking.

So, what causes sesamoid bone fracture? When you are experiencing an increased pressure from activities like golf, tennis, basketball, ballet, or football, the surrounding tissues as well as the tendons will be affected. It will increase your chances of developing problems with the sasomoid. People with high arches or those who spend most of their times wearing high heels have bigger risks suffering from this condition.

sesamoid bone fracture

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Different Sesamoid Issues

Besides sesamoid bone fracture, there are also some common injuries involving the sesomoid bone.

  • Turf toe. The injury happens to the soft tissue surrounding the joint of your big toe, generally characterized by the extended joint that goes beyond the normal range. This issue causes sharp and immediate pain, followed by immediate swelling. This injury will cause fracture to the bone or the soft tissue that is attached to the bone.
  • Fracture or break. If it is acute fracture, it is mostly caused by trauma, which is a direct hit to the bone. This kind of fracture won’t affect the overall joint of the big toe. A chronic fracture, however, is also called the stress fracture. It is a hairline break that is caused by repetitive overuse or stress. The pain tends to come and go – it gets worse when you are active and it will subside when you are resting.
  • This is basically an overuse injury where there is a chronic inflammation to the bones and also tendons. The pain may come and go, but unlike the chronic fracture, the pain is usually associated with certain activities or shoes.

The Proper Treatment

When it comes to dealing with sesamoid bone fracture, it would be better if you can rest and be immobile for a while. A usage of pad, tape, or strap is also possible so the tension may be addressed. There are also some other alternatives such as:

  • Physical therapy, like ultrasound therapy and exercise
  • Oral medication, which includes nonsteroid anti inflammation drugs that can help with the inflammation and pain.

In some rare cases, where the nonsurgical treatment has failed, you may have to undergo surgery. Check with your doctor when you suspect yourself suffering from sesamoid bone fracture before it gets worse.

Scabies Treatment Over the Counter Options

Scabies Treatment Over the Counter Options

Scabies Treatment Over the Counter Options

There are some best scabies treatment over the counter that you can apply, going along with the home remedy treatments. Scabies may be caused by mite bites but you should never underestimate such a bite. It isn’t just a bite – it is a condition that gets worse because the mites will burrow themselves inside your skin and then lay eggs. Once the eggs hatch, the young scabies will go out to the surface of your skin and start over the cycle.

scabies treatment over the counter

Scabies and the Common Problem

Scabies are highly contagious. Someone who has scabies may transmit the disease to other people making contact with him/her. Because of the repeated cycle where the mites bite you and lay eggs on you and let the new eggs hatch for the new cycle, the only way to stop the problem from developing and spreading is to stop the eggs from hatching. You want to eliminate the eggs so new mites won’t come to existence and begin the cycle again.

Besides the scabies treatment over the counter, you can also try the natural home remedy solutions. The latter one may take longer time to show real results but it poses little side effects and risks. It is crucial, though, that you should always consult your doctor before making experiments with the home remedy option. You should make sure that you are completely fit and okay to proceed with the procedure.

Although some people believe that natural home remedy is the solution, you need to know that prescribed antibiotics is needed. Because of the unique trait of the disease, most doctors will suggest prescribed medication although they may also suggest the scabies treatment over the counter. They can determine what medication will be suitable for you based on your condition and the severe of your issue.

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The Most Common Options

Here are some of the most common scabies treatment over the counter options:

  • Eurax or Crotamiton. It is a scabicidal and antipruritic drug, which is applied topically. It is mostly used for kids or those with low immunity system. This solution should be applied twice or three times with 24 hours gap. If you want to enjoy faster result, you can apply the medicine and leave it for 48 hours – don’t shower or take a bath. Avoid applying the cream on your face.
  • Elimite or Permethrin 5%. It is a repellent for insect that can kill the mites. It is considered safe for pregnant moms and kids, including breastfeeding moms. It can only be applied once a week, unless your doctor instructs you to apply it twice a week.
  • Dr Scabies Cream. It is a popular option for doctor, containing jojoba oil and soy, including chamomile extracts. Once you have cleaned your body, apply the cream and massage it. Leave it be for a day before washing it off.

There are still more options that you can have but always talk about everything with your doctor, to prevent risks and side effects. If you do it right, your doctor will be able to suggest the right scabies treatment over the counter for you.

Scabies Home Treatment and Some Home Remedy Recipes

Scabies Home Treatment and Some Home Remedy Recipes

Scabies Home Treatment and Some Home Remedy Recipes

Some people may turn to scabies home treatment that is said to provide soothing relief without the possibility of further risks and side effects. Such a treatment is possible, but it would be more effective if you can accompany it along the prescriptive medication that you get from your doctor. And don’t forget to always check with your doctor so you can be sure about your own condition as well as the safety of your own home treatment medication.

Understanding Scabies

Scabies is basically a skin condition or rash, triggered by mites bite. The mites burrow to your skin, creating discomfort and itchiness. Redness, blisters, and rashes are also common. The problem with scabies is that the female will burrow into your skin and lay eggs When the eggs hatch within a few days, the young mites will move to the surface of the skin – and the cycle will start over again. Scabies is super contagious and it should get the right treatment; otherwise, the problem won’t resolve on its own. Besides scabies home treatment, prescribed medication is advisable.

scabies symptom

The Most Common Issue

It is super vital that you get prescribed medication because it will increase your chances to get better – and to get rid of the problem for once and for all. Although many believe that scabies home treatment is possible, you still need prescriptions and antibiotics to eliminate the mites – as well as eliminating the eggs and the youngs. It doesn’t hurt, though, to try some of the home remedies, as long as they can deliver soothing effect and comforting feeling.

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Some Possible Home Remedies

Here are some of the effective scabies home treatment options that you can try, such as:

  • Tea tree oil. It is a quite potent and effective topical solution for the skin rash. However, this topical application only works on the surface – it won’t be able to penetrate into the depth of the skin so it won’t be able to reach the eggs. If you want to prevent further expansion, put some drops of the oil within a spray bottle and you can spray it around the bed. You should also remember that some people are allergic to tea tree oil so you want to be extra careful about it.

  • It can be available in various forms, such as creams, soaps, and oil. It contains analgesic, antibacterial, and anti inflammatory traits. Based on scientific studies, neem oil has been proven to treat scabies on dogs.
  • Aloe vera. The gel has a nice and soothing effect. Not only it is able to cure sunburn, it can also get rid of the itchiness. When you apply the aloe vera gel to the itch, it can provide soothing effect without any side effect.

There are still other possible alternative that you can try for your home remedy solution. It is advisable, though, to see the doctor and discuss the most possible and viable solution – without having to endanger yourself. Do the scabies home treatment if your doctor approves and there will be a close monitoring and observation.

Acupuncture for Hay Fever Allergies: Is It the New Alternative?

Acupuncture for Hay Fever Allergies: Is It the New Alternative?

Acupuncture for Hay Fever Allergies: Is It the New Alternative?

Is it possible for you to undergo acupuncture for hay fever allergies? There is a belief that the acupuncture is helpful to treat several conditions, including acupuncture. However, there are some conflicting issues and opinions about the function and usage of the acupuncture. That’s why it would be such a good idea to know the real facts about the allergies before you try the treatment.

Hay Allergies Issues

Hay allergy is basically similar to other allergy issues, you need your own nasal spray or special medication to prevent the allergy from happening. The spray is also possible to alleviate the symptoms and reduce the severity of the allergy.

And then there is acupuncture, a herbal treatment from the ancient time believed to treat several medical conditions, such as headache, joint issues, and much more. That’s why herbalists believe that acupuncture is also beneficial to treat allergies, including hay fever. So, is it true about acupuncture for hay fever allergies? Is it truly effective to prevent the hay allergy?

Acupuncture for Hay Fever Allergies

The Basic Problems

The problem is, there hasn’t been any scientific or conclusive proof about the effectiveness of acupuncture for hay fever allergies. Several studies have been performed and some of the results are quite positive. But then again, there hasn’t been any solid scientific evidence to back up the claim. Just because the treatments work on several study groups, it doesn’t always mean that it is successful. There are several causes that may interfere with the outcome of the study. First of all, it is possible that the hay fever season has passed. Not to mention that the conditions of the participants are in a fit level, which affect the outcome of the study.

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Moreover, for some people, the acupuncture is considered less effective and efficient. Instead of having to go through 12 sessions of needle puncture time – where you may spend at least half an hour for each session – why not using the nasal spray that can be used immediately and deliver fast result? Some people may argue that acupuncture can prevent the allergy from happening but so is the nasal spray. If you use the spray regularly and constantly, you can prevent the allergy.

Moreover, no one can really stop the allergy from happening, unless you avoid the trigger. If you are still exposed to the trigger, then you will still suffer from the allergy – it is a common sense. Who can guarantee that you won’t suffer from further condition if you go through the acupuncture for hay fever allergies? With all of those needles going through your skin and your veins, who can be sure that you won’t deal with side effects?

In the overall effect, are you willing to go through a certain length just to undergo a treatment without any real solid proof? Are you willing to go the extra mile, going with the rather complicated process rather than having to use the nasal spray? In the end, it is up to you to make the decision. If you think that acupuncture for hay fever allergies can really help, it is your right to proceed or not – as long as you know the consequences.


Swollen Ankles And Rash On Lower Legs: Causes and Treatment

Swollen Ankles And Rash On Lower Legs: Causes and Treatment

The swollen ankles and rash on lower legs may be symptoms of serious ailments. If you aren’t comfortable to see your doctor, you have to know the best causes of them at least. In other words, you have to read and notice this article because we have wrapped everything related to them below.


This is the closest ailment in regard to swollen ankles and rash on lower legs. For your information, Oedema occurs when the fluid are gathered beyond the blood vessels. We believe that you will easily notice Oedema when you see your ankles and legs. But, it is also able to appear in other locations of your body.

This condition may represent fluid overload of your body. Most experts also correlate it with the increased body weight. Please differentiate Oedema and subcutaneous fat.

Oedema can be noticed when you give some pressure to your skin. If there is fluid, you will notice an indent. Anyway, there are many causes that may lead you to have Oedema.


The swollen ankles and rash on lower legs can be caused by many things. One of them may come from a simple injury. You will feel pain and bruising over the body. Some redness in the areas is also available.

For your information, the oedema will be more painful if it consists of redness and bruising at the same time. The most common injury that may be harmful and swelling is an ankle sprain. As we can see, an ankle sprain is far away from the area of the injury. We can apply some ice and elevating the limb in order to reduce the pain.

Oedema can also be caused by the surgery. Basically, it comes up when you prolong the periods of the rest. You will feel the pain on the affected area as well as the tenderness, redness, and firmness of the calf.

This condition really needs a medical attention from a doctor because life-threatening disease like pulmonary embolus may occur when a clot is able to go to your lung.

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swollen ankles and rash on lower legs

Another cause of swollen ankles and rash on lower legs is caused by an infected bite or cut. The red skin with a slight pimple may appear on the cut area. To treat this pain, you need the antibiotics as soon as possible in order to reduce the irritation and swelling. The steroid cream is also necessary for the cut.

Last but not least the swelling of both legs will lead you into one more serious disease. It is about the heart failure. This ailment will trigger fluid retention as well as the ankle swelling. This is an initial sign of the disease.


To end up this first segment, we will see how to treat swollen ankles problem. Please find some medications like anti-inflammatory painkillers, hormonal medication, antidepressants, and heart medications to, at least, reduce the swelling.


This is the second ailment in regard to the rash on lower legs. It refers to the rash things on the legs. Experts call it as intertrigo. The most common areas infected by rash are buttock crease, groin, neck, arm pit, and under the breasts. It is commonly affecting overweight people who have complications like diabetes, and always sweating.

When the rash or intertrigo appear, you’ll see red and inflamed spots on your leg. You will feel itchy, stinging or burning as well.

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The most causes of intertrigo are thrush, erythrasma, and tinea causes. The first one usually occurs with itchy and wet feeling. The second one may cause your skin has brownish patches, while the last one is related to a fungal infection.


The same treatment is necessary. But you have to add anti-fungal cream to reduce the itchy feeling. That’s all thing you need to know about swollen ankles and rash on lower legs today.

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