Your Birth Control Options and Discussion Text

Your Birth Control Options and Discussion Text

Your Birth Control Options and Discussion Text, Are you a woman who is currently unsure whether or not you are ready for parenthood?  If that is the case, are you currently sexually active?  If you are, are you using any form of birth control?  Parenting and pregnancy are all important issues, ones that are difficult to back down from. For that reason, if you are not looking to become a mother just yet, it is important that you take the time to familiarize yourself with all of your birth control options.

Perhaps, the most popular and most well-known birth control method is that of condoms. Condoms, in most cases, are highly effective against preventing pregnancy. On rare occasions, they can break or leak, but you are typically safe.  Just be sure to purchase a brand of condoms that is known for their strength and durability.  What is nice about this popular birth control method, is that you are often not only protected against pregnancy, but sexually transmitted diseases as well

Although condoms are an effective birth control method used by many, there are many women and men who prefer not to use them.  If you are not interested in handling the issue of the birth and upbringing of a child, it is important that you take the time to familiarize yourself with the other options that you have for birth control. A few of those other options, outlined below, are ones that may not be as well-known or as popular as condoms, but they are typically just as effective.

Your Birth Control Option

Birth control pills are a hormonal form of birth control.  Birth control pills require the taking of a pill each and every day of the month. Birth control pills are known as being effective, as long as they are taken as directed. As with many other medications, birth control pills are not ideal for smokers, as they may cause additional health complications.  With a large selection of birth control pills, including ones that eliminate your menstrual period, you are sure to find something that can offer you assistance.

Aside from condoms and birth control, the next most popular form of birth control is another hormonal method. This birth control method is commonly referred to as the Depo shot. The Depo shot has one main downfall and that is that it has been linked to a poor absorption of calcium. That is why many Depo users are urged to take calcium supplements each day. What is nice about the Depo shot is that it is not only effective at preventing pregnancy, but it is also administered on a three-month schedule and periods are often a thing of the past.

Although not as popular as condoms, the Depo shot, and birth control pills, IUDs are also effective forms of birth control.  IUDs are known as Intra-Uterine Devices.  Intra-Uterine Devices (IUDs) come in a number of different formats, but they are still designed to protect you from pregnancy. This is either done with the use of a copper device, which is spermicidal, or ones that release progestin.

Your Birth Control Optionsss

The above mentioned birth control methods are actually just a few of the many that exist, but these birth control methods are designed to prevent pregnancy right from the start.  Should you find yourself in an emergency situation, it is important to know that you have a number of different options, including emergency contraceptives.  These emergency contraceptives can be obtained through your doctor’s office or your local pharmacy. Despite being able to offer you assistance, it is important that you do not use abortion or even emergency contraceptives as a form of birth control. If that is what you have been doing, you have a whole other set of issues that need to be dealt with.

As a reminder, the above mentioned birth control methods can all help to prevent you from becoming pregnant.  With that in mind, the only method of birth control, at this moment, that can protect you from sexually transmitted disease is that of a condom.

Untreated Yeast Infection during Pregnancy and the Overall Facts

Untreated Yeast Infection during Pregnancy and the Overall Facts

Never underestimate untreated yeast infection during pregnancy because it can lead to other annoying issue – which affects your sexual ability, genital health, and also confidence. You don’t need to overfuss or over worried about this issue, although it doesn’t mean that you should neglect it and not getting the right treatment. So, what should you know about this issue and how should you treat it?

The Facts about Yeast Infection on Pregnant Moms

On the contrary to what you believe, yeast infection is pretty common happening to pregnant women. You see, yeast infection happens when the vaginal’s yeast and acid level is not balance. The imbalance causes the yeast to overgrow. It may cause uncomfortable sensation but it isn’t dangerous, really.

Yeast infection during pregnancy usually happens because of diabetes, douching, intercourse, taking steroids or antibiotics, semen or blood, or hormonal changes (which are quite common during pregnancy). During pregnancy, your body has gone through a lot of changes – and most of them are unpredictable. The issue may not be dangerous at first but if you don’t find the right treatment, the untreated yeast infection during pregnancy can lead to more severe issues.

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The Common Symptoms

There are some common signs for yeast infection. If you suffer from one, or even more, of them, you had better check yourself to the doctor:

  • The color can be tan or white, with the texture similar to cottage cheese with bread or yeast-like smell. But the color can also be yellowish or greenish. If the smell is awful or even fishy, it is time to go to the doctor. The frequency is usually increasing – you feel it more often than usual.
  • Burning sensation during the intercourse or urination
  • Itchiness, irritation, or redness on the vaginal lips

You should have yourself checked so you can be sure whether you suffer from the infection or not. The doctor may take painless swab from the vagina so they can examine it for further check. If it is difficult to determine a diagnose, a culture will be sent to the lab for more detailed examination.

The Proper Care and Treatments

Dealing with untreated yeast infection during pregnancy is a bit tricky because the condition doesn’t allow you to be hasty. You can’t really try dangerous methods or careless manners to treat the problem – not without endangering your pregnancy. This is why you should always have your condition checked, monitored, and observed.

When you consult the doctor, it is most likely that your doctor will recommend only vaginal creams which are applied topically. Oral medication isn’t considered safe so it is better to turn to topical applications. However, not all creams or topical medications are safe. This is one of the main reasons why you should have a regular and continuous discussion with your doctor. If you leave the problem without having proper treatment, you baby can get the infection during the delivery. Also known as thrush, the yeast infection generally happens to the baby’s mouth.

Always pay attention to your personal hygiene and health, especially during pregnancy. And never untreated yeast infection during pregnancy happens because it won’t only affect you; but also your baby.

Losing Weight While Pregnant Benefits and Methods

Losing Weight While Pregnant Benefits and Methods

Losing Weight While Pregnant Benefits and Methods

Many women wonder losing weight while pregnant may cause something bad for their pregnancy. You must know that it isn’t true because there are many benefits that we can receive by losing our weight during our pregnancy. We have some benefits of losing weight below.

No Side Effects

You should know that losing weight while pregnant won’t give you any risk or side effects. Obsessive women while pregnant have several risks that will threaten them as well as the babies. The most common risk is called gestational diabetes. Whatever it is, it is very dangerous for the woman and her baby. Obese women have this risk about four times than normal women who don’t have big body shape. These women have also higher possibilities to give birth to large babies. The best solution is through a C-section delivery. Other risk may be caused by preeclampsia. This disease is when the pregnant women get high BMI. The greater chance of giving birth to a premature baby will be possible. The infection is also possible for obese womenduring and after pregnancy. So, losing some weight is beneficial to avoid those side effects.

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When Will It Happen?

Gaining weight during pregnancy is a very common thing that every woman will undergo. The gaining weigh condition happens in the first and last semester. This condition is also the same with losing weight while pregnant. So, it is a normal process for pregnant women to have uncommon body weight during the pregnancy. Deriving from this issue, it is important to manage and reduce our weight during the pregnancy. Here are some methods that you can do to reduce your weight.

Calorie Needs

The first method is to know the calorie needs of your body. You need to know the calorie intake since gaining the weight is your main problem. You have to consult with your doctor in order to know the specific needs of your body. Low-carb diets may seem a good idea. However, we don’t suggest you to do it if you don’t have many doctors.

Small Meals

Losing weight while pregnant can be done if you eat small meals frequently. Since you cannot understand and measure the calorie intake of your foods, you can use this method in managing the portion size. It is very effective for those pregnant women who can’t eat much meal.

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Working Out

We don’t lie about this because you can find many exercises for pregnant women on the internet. The healthy lifestyle won’t make your body fat. Being pregnant women doesn’t mean you can’t move your body. Always consult with your doctor for this plan.

Remember Your Baby

This is a tricky way to make your commitment. You are not alone while you are pregnant. You have the little one in your stomach. It means that you must carry it until giving it a birth. By remembering this all the time, you will be more careful in managing everything, including your meals.


Gaining or losing weight while pregnant is not healthy when it doesn’t have substantial reason. Both conditions have pros and cons. You have to consult with your doctor firstly.

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Third Trimester Nausea Factors and Things You Should Know

Third Trimester Nausea Factors and Things You Should Know

Is it possible to get third trimester nausea for pregnant women? This is one of the most frequently questions that our readers have asked to our site. This article would talk about it in catchy and understandable words.

Morning sickness is actually the most recurring topic when we talk about pregnancies, and it always happens during the first semester only. On other hand, getting third trimester nausea might not at the top list of pregnancy topic. But, we got a lot of the same questions about this nausea as well as the number of morning sickness, too. In other words, it is also important to talk and know about this kind of nausea, right? So, let’s get started now.


The most factor that trigger the nausea especially in pregnancy is the hormone fluctuations. Many people have been blaming this issue during the first trimester. But, here comes where the nausea occurs. The fluctuations of your hormone will always appear even until the end of your pregnancy. This is the only way of your body to find the balance. So, it is a common thing for women who are in pregnancy situation.

third trimester nausea

The next reason that why the third trimester nausea is very possible is about the size of your body as well as the baby. Yeah, every woman who is pregnant has the baby bump on her stomach and it is really possible to have expanded uterus. Of course, you feel the bump larger and larger throughout the time, right? It really matters when you are in the third semester because the pressure is getting bigger especially from the lowered body parts. For your information, it may lead you to feel uneasy and discomfort felling during the third trimester pregnancy. The feeling is caused by the stomach acids that are pushed to the lower area of esophagus. Then, the heartburn will be your problem at this phase. The pain usually appears when your stomach is getting full after the meal time. It is recommended to consume over-the-counter medicines.

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How Does It Occurs?

The third trimester nausea usually appears after you have eaten. It happens because your stomach has no space anymore to hold the foods after the ingestion. Due to this issue, you have to maintain and check what food that you will ingest or eat especially the size. Make it as small as possible. Instead of having large dinner, consuming some snack of fruits and other nutritious meal is a good idea. It also keeps your energy as long as you need. Small portion of food or meal will help your stomach to deal with the ingestion process. So, the nausea can be reduced and managed.

Seeing your doctor about third trimester nausea may help you as well. They will diagnose the symptoms and give the best treatment for both of you and your baby. Please don’t hesitate to tell everything about your feeling when having nausea. It helps your doctor effectively to choose the best decision of treatment. Physicians will have no doubt to test your body in order to ensure that the viruses or illness are the responsible ones for your nausea. So, some tests may be required to know what viruses that may harm your body.

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There is no specific treatment for the third trimester nausea. But, we have mentioned how to trick it up previously. Getting morning sickness in the third trimester may be so depressing, and it might interfere your meal times and appetite. Stick with what your goal is. Keep your baby healthy by consuming healthy and nutritious foods. Don’t forget to stick with the schedule as well to ensure your baby has no problem with your current sickness.

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6 Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period That You Need To Aware

6 Early Pregnancy Symptoms Before Missed Period That You Need To Aware

Pregnancy symptoms before missed period are the most important information that you need to know. Pregnancy is a greatest gift that God could give to someone. But some people might not expecting it or even want to prevent it for special reasons, it could be because of their jobs, their ages, their health, or any other possible reasons. But sometimes the pregnancy itself is really unpredictable, you could use protection, taking pills that 99,9% would prevent you from getting pregnant but there 0,01% possible chance that could make you pregnant.

The most visible symptom of getting pregnant is that you missing your period. But there are also some symptoms of pregnancy that you might didn’t see before you missed your period. So for you who are waiting for a baby, or even want to prepare yourself for it. Then here are some of the early pregnancy symptoms before missed period that you need to know:

Bleeding And Cramping

Bleeding and cramping are what you get when you are on your period. But the bleeding and cramping of pregnancy happens one or two weeks before your period time. So you really need to write down and remember your period date, so if you are getting it earlier than it should be, then you really need to check yourself to the doctor. But not every women would get this symptom.

Tender, Sore And Heavy Breast

The next pregnancy symptoms before missed period is when your breast feels so tender, sore and also heavy at the same time. This symptom is also the one that you experienced when you are getting your period. But the difference is that the areola (dark colored circle on your nipple) would get bigger and darker day by day. And your nipples would also feel tingly and also swollen. If you are having this symptom them you better get a pregnancy test for yourself.

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Fatigue could also be one of the pregnancy symptoms before missed period. But not everybody are having this symptom sometimes there are also some women who didn’t feel any fatigue or nausea during the pregnancy time. And that’s why sometimes they are not aware of their pregnancy. But if you get this symptom then it is better for you to get a pregnancy test, so you would know what vitamin you should drink to get rid of the fatigue and make your baby stronger.

Urge To Pee

A pregnant women would get the urge to pee frequently, especially at night. Because when you are pregnant there are a lot of hormonal changes and also extra production of blood. So the kidney work even harder to filter the extra blood, and cause you to pee frequently.

Food Aversions

You suddenly hate your favorite meal? Then it could also be a symptom of pregnancy. 85% of a pregnant women are experiencing this symptom. Their noses would become more sensitive for some smells and would make you nauseous.

Mood Swings

Since there are a lot of hormonal changes in your body, it would also affect your moods. To handle this situation, you need to try to talk a lot with your partner or even with the one that really close to you like your family or your friend. And you also need to take a rest, and then just relax.

All of the symptoms above are the common symptoms that women get during their pregnancy. But some might don’t have a chance to experience it so that’s why you need to always check yourself to your doctor. Hope all of the information above would help to know more about pregnancy symptoms before missed period.

Diarrhea during Pregnancy: Controlling the Issue

Diarrhea during Pregnancy: Controlling the Issue

Diarrhea during Pregnancy

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t may be surprising to you but the issue of diarrhea during pregnancy isn’t something new or weird. In fact, it is pretty common for the expecting mom to suffer from such an issue. Most expecting moms will deal with the digestive difficulties, either the diarrhea or the constipation. There is no exact reason for such a problem, like the stress, the diet changes, and also the changing hormones. The problem may seem simple but never underestimate it because if you leave it untreated, it can lead to other health conditions. The best thing that you can do is to ease the uncomfortable feeling.

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Diarrhea during Pregnancy: A Common Issue

As it was mentioned before, diarrhea during pregnancy is a common issue. Besides the pregnancy itself, the cause of the diarrhea is stomach flu, food poisoning, bacteria, virus, medication, or intestinal parasites. Certain health issues can also cause diarrhea, like Celiac disease, bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, or Crohn’s disease.

When it is related to the pregnancy, however, the most common causes are:

  • Diet change. Most women would do a dramatic change in their diet once they are pregnant. Such a drastic change can create ‘chaos’ in your digestive system and upset the stomach. Not to mention that you are likely to consume healthier and greener foods than before, causing your stomach to not only adjust itself to the new condition but also remove more waste.
  • Sensitivity to food. Your body changes as you become pregnant and it is possible for you to suffer from a food sensitivity, although it has never happened to you before. During pregnancy, it is highly possible that everything will leave you with a lot of gas, which upset the stomach and result in diarrhea.
  • Prenatal vitamin. Although these vitamins are good for you and the baby, it may create imbalance in the stomach and upsets it.
  • Hormonal changes. When it is related to hormone, your digestive system can only deal with two ways: a faster processing system leads to diarrhea while a slower processing system leads to constipation.

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Diarrhea during Pregnancy: The Solution

There are some alternatives that you can do if you are dealing with diarrhea during pregnancy, such as:

  • Be patient. The diarrhea may stop on its own as long as you give it enough time. As long as it doesn’t disturb your daily activities or it doesn’t affect your health (and the baby), just wait and see. Just keep yourself hydrated enough. If you start feeling weak, go to the doctor.
  • Think about the medication. If the diarrhea is caused by the medicine, try to talk to your doctor about alternative medication.
  • Talk to your doctor. If the diarrhea persists for a week or it doesn’t show signs of stopping, go to your doctor. You may have to undergo a blood test to see what’s wrong.
  • If it is related to your pregnancy, sometimes there is nothing you can do about it. If it is related to the hormonal change, the best way for you to do is to keep up with it, stay strong, and have your condition monitored all the time. The best way is to keep yourself well hydrated and stay healthy. Have a regular checkup and consultation so you know when you should be alarmed

It is not advisable that you take any over the counter drug without talking it first with your doctor.  They can prescribe the best medicine for you or provide advice in dealing with the issue. It is always best to work together with them to deal with the diarrhea during pregnancy problem.


Best Homemade Pregnancy Test

Best Homemade Pregnancy Test

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]any people are probably wondering what is homemade pregnancy test. Pregnancy is normal for women. Giving birth has been done for a couple of thousands of years.  There are a couple of options of going to doctor or purchasing pregnancy test from pharmacy that were not available to the modern women ancestors. They used homemade pregnancy test and you can still use their traditional methods nowadays.

Even though it is well recommended for you to consult with your doctor if you are pregnant, if you want to make sure your health and also your soon to be child, there are a couple of reasons why many women who do not want to use medical practitioner or pharmacy services if they want to confirm their pregnancy.

Best Homemade Pregnancy Test

The service that has been offered by the pharmacy or doctor will be too expensive. Meanwhile, you do not have to spend money if you want to use homemade pregnancy test. It will be very difficult in order to get to the rooms of doctor or visit the pharmacy. If you use homemade pregnancy test, you just have to prepare a couple of ingredients that you can find easily at your home. Your pregnancy will have two choices whether it is embarrassment or inconvenience, or there will be a couple of other reasons for secrecy. You are the only one who has to know when you take the homemade pregnancy test. You will be the person that is responsible for your natural childbirth and you have to minimize your contact with the medical profession. The homemade pregnancy test relies on the similar indicators that have been used by pharmacists and doctors, but they do not involve at all. You can conduct the homemade pregnancy test quickly whenever you want according to your preference.

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The tests of pregnancy that have been administered by doctor or purchased at pharmacy are looking for the hormone which is called human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG in the urine of women. This hormone is created by cells that are working to create placenta that nourishes and protects the egg that has been fertilized once it has become attached to the uterus wall. The occurrence of hCG in the urine of women will also be detected by homemade pregnancy test.

The methods that are most reliable for homemade pregnancy test include not only DIY hCG detectors, but also observing the natural signs of pregnancy. There are a couple of optiosn for hCG detectors such as toothpaste pregnancy test, the sugar pregnancy test, bleach pregnancy test and a couple of other techniques. Meanwhile, for those of you who are long for more reliable and trustworthy treatment or an authentic and faster method, it is well recommended for you to use HCG Quantitative Pregnancy Test that you can find on the market. You just have to spend your money for about $50 bucks, but you also have to consider about your body because it is the most valuable asset for you. You have to choose the right one for you.

A Sign of Early Pregnancy, 1 or 2 Months

A Sign of Early Pregnancy, 1 or 2 Months

Signs of Pregnant  one of which is delayed menstruation. but signs of pregnant not only delayed menstruation, there are still many signs of pregnancy for an expectant mother. The following are signs of pregnancy that you should know

# 1. Fatigue and excessive sleepiness (Fatigue)
Feeling tired and sleepy in pregnant women than caused by hormonal changes, also due to the performance of some vital organs such as kidney, heart, and lungs, is increasing. These vital organs are not only working to meet the needs of mothers, but also for the growth and development of the fetus. The mother’s stomach getting bigger with age pregnancy also provide a burden for the mother’s body.

# 2. Frequent urination / urination(Frequent urination)
After menstruation delayed one to two weeks, the desire to urinate more often than habit. This is due to the developing fetus in the uterus presses the bladder and due to the increasing circulation of blood. Besides faster bladder filled with urine and the desire to urinate more often. Improved sense of urination is also caused by an increase in the hormones of pregnancy. Although urinate often, not to restrict or restrain him. Additionally avoid dehydration by further increasing fluid intake into the body.

a sign of early pregnancy, 1 or 2 months

# 3. Constipation
Constipation occurs due to the increase in the hormone progesterone. This hormone besides relaxing the muscles of the uterus, also resulted in the loosening of the muscles of the intestinal wall, causing constipation or difficult bowel movements. But the advantage of this situation is allowed peyerapan better nutrition during pregnancy.

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# 4. The emergence of blood spots or spots followed by stomach cramps
Blood spots appear before the menstrual period to come, usually occurs between 8-10 days after ovulation. These blood spots caused by implantation (implantation bleeding) or the attachment of the embryo in the uterine wall. The emergence of spotting blood during pregnancy is sometimes mistaken for menstruation.
In addition, the release of blood spots are usually followed by stomach cramps. Stomach cramps on the condition of pregnancy will occur regularly. Abdominal cramps and conditions, will continue until the second trimester of pregnancy, until the uterus lies at the center position and is supported by the pelvis.

a sign of early pregnancy, 1 or 2 months
# 5. The rise in basal body temperature
In the event of a pregnancy or ovulation, then the mother’s body basal temperature will increase. These conditions will persist during pregnancy. This condition will not be down to the condition prior to ovulation.

Early Signs of Pregnancy (pregnancy symptoms) on top of a personal nature, not all women in early pregnancy absolutely have signs above, meaning that the enactment of pregnancy sign over there that are all experienced, varied, but some do not have any complaint. To further ensure, for I would have to do a pregnancy test (pregnancy test), whether done at home using a test pack or carried out in the lab doing tests on your blood.

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If you are expecting pregnancy experiencing Early Signs of Pregnancy hopefully well you’re pregnant. If so, it helps you get complete guidebook of our pregnancy, contains information that is important for you to live a healthy pregnancy. Because of the long drive the next 9 months of pregnancy need to be on guard with a good knowledge of the pregnancy. Because of course a healthy pregnancy will eventually produce fruit hearts yearning quality in parents. In addition there is a bonus pregnancy exercise videos that can help reduce complaints during pregnancy and also help the delivery process to make it more smoothly. then there is a pregnancy calendar that provides 17 essential information during pregnancy and collection of thousands of baby names for candidates for your baby.

# 6. Changes occur On Breast
If pregnancy occurs, the breasts will be enlarged, it is caused by increased production of the hormones estrogen and progesterone. Besides breast conditions will also feel more soft, it creates a feeling of sensitive higher, until breasts will feel sore or painful when held. Similarly enlarged nipple and darker color will, sometimes itchy. Veins on the breast will also be seen due to the tension in the breast.
Besides hormonal activity occurs HPL (Human Placental Lactogen). The hormones produced by the body when the mother’s pregnancy to prepare the milk for your baby when it is born into the world.

a sign of early pregnancy, 1 or 2 months

# 7. Nausea and vomiting (Morning sicknes)
About 50% of women who experienced pregnancy will have these signs. The trigger was an increase in sudden hormone in the bloodstream. The hormone is HCG (Human chorionic gonadotrophin). Besides the blood, this hormone increases also occurred in the urinary tract. Hence, the tool pack pregnancy test done through the medium of urine, this is done to measure the occurrence of elevated levels of the hormone HCG. Increasing this hormone will lead to poignant effect on the stomach lining and cause nausea. Nausea usually disappears into the second trimester of pregnancy. If, nausea and vomiting still occurs in the second trimester of pregnancy, you should consult and consult on this matter with your doctor, because it will interfere with your pregnancy.

Nausea and vomiting is common morning sickness because it usually occurs during the morning. But in reality, nausea and vomiting may occur in the afternoon and evening as well. Even morning sickness occurs only when the mother is certain to smell or fragrance.

# 8. Frequent spitting (hypersalivation)
Signs of pregnancy is due to the effect of changes in the hormone estrogen, usually occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy. This condition usually disappears after pregnancy is the second trimester

# 9. Dizziness and headache (Headaches)
Disorders dizziness and headaches are often felt by pregnant women caused by physical factors; tiredness, nausea, hunger and blood pressure, low. While the emotional causes that their feelings of tension and depression. In addition, increase the supply of blood throughout the body can also cause dizziness when the mother changes position.

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