Cause Diarrhea and How to Defuse With Natural Medicine

Cause Diarrhea and How to Defuse With Natural Medicine

Medicinal chemistry is not always good for health, natural medicine is the right solution. natural cure diarrhea is yogurt, ginger, carrots and potatoes. diarrhea stool is basically turns into a liquid and mushy, but there are some patients who experience chronic diarrhea because of irritable bowel syndrome,

The cause of diarrhea

The cause of diarrhea is quite varied in each person. This is because the efficiency of organs also varies in each person. But the majority of people with diarrhea is generally due to the following:

Food poisoning bacteria.
Viral diseases.
The side effects of medicines.
Side effects of radiation.
Bowel disease.
Drug abuse.
Abuse of laxatives.
A person who has diarrhea may be the result of one of these causes.

Relieves Diarrhea

If you have diarrhea, you should consult a physician as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can ease it with some natural way. But keep in mind, this character only information only and does not replace the advice of experts. There are several ways you can do to relieve diarrhea, which are:

Eating Right

Many people with diarrhea due to eating foods that are not in accordance with the condition of the body at the time. So, to relieve diarrhea, eating the right foods is one solution. Some foods are good for treating diarrhea are:

1. Yogurt
Yogurt is a food that is good for treating diarrhea, but try eating yogurt that has active bacterial cultures; where the most frequently encountered is lactobacillus acidophilus, and Bifidobacterium are easily available in the market. Yogurt can help the good bacteria in the stomach for a fight against one of the causes of diarrhea by producing lactic acid alone.

2. Ginger
Ginger is one of the main sources of health. Ginger can be shredded or diced and then immediately chewed. You can also make ginger as a beverage (wedang) hearty delights to be consumed. If you want to add something sweet, it is better not to use sugar, but honey.

3. Carrots
Carrots are vegetables rich in nutrients. Eating carrots can be done in many ways. Carrots can be sauteed with a little oil or boiled and then immediately consumed. Carrots can also be made as a delicious juice.

Increase consumption of carrots for diarrhea, there is the possibility of conditions experienced diarrhea will soon subside. Carrots contain vitamin needed by the intestine to become more healthy quickly. Eating carrots every day can also make your digestive system working properly.

4. Potatoes
When a person suffers from diarrhea, it is usually advised to increase their intake of foods such as potatoes. But do not eat them in the form of fried foods (French fries). Better potatoes processed by boiling. By frying the potatoes, then the nutritional levels will be reduced. So try to eat them in the form of stew with salt and pepper to taste.

Drink plenty of fluids

When a person has diarrhea, he should keep himself in order to always stay hydrated. In any case, the diarrhea patients generally lose a lot of body fluids due to excessive watery stools, so the body needs fluids to function replacement organ in it could go well.

Water is one of the best options that can be consumed by people with diarrhea. As a distraction, you can also consume ginger tea as beneficial for the digestive system.

One also can eat is fruit juice. Such as apples, this fruit contains starch so it is not advisable to eat them directly as a whole as it will likely weigh on the digestive tract. Better made juices.

Similarly, carrot juice, where the drink is rich in vitamins and nutrients that help keep the body’s nutritional levels remain good. Other best option is to eat a guava juice. Guava juice is believed to be consumed with diarrhea.

Make it their own juices, using the whole fruit and not buy it in the form of packaging that has been commonly found in supermarkets. Instead of using sugar, better add honey to the juice that you create.

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