Common Symptoms Of Walking Pneumonia

Common Symptoms Of Walking Pneumonia

Symptoms of walking pneumonia is the information that people need to know. Walking pneumonia might sounds like a scary disease that could make you look and act like a zombie in the walking dead movie. But the walking pneumonia disease is actually the better version of pneumonia disease. But the scary part of this disease is that you could get this disease without knowing it at all, because all of the symptoms are not too visible. Walking pneumonia itself is a disease that you could get from a bacteria called Mycoplasma Pneumonia, this bacteria is spreading through cough or even sneeze, but this bacteria spreads quite slowly it takes 10 to 15 days to get the symptoms of walking pneumonia. That’s why this disease is dangerous because you couldn’t detect it earlier.

As a good  person you need to take care of your body, you need to know if there is any changes on your body, and if it happens you need to rush yourself to the doctor immediately so you could prevent any unwanted things to happen. And if you don’t know anything about walking pneumonia, here are the common symptoms of walking pneumonia that you really need to know:

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Chest Pain

The first common symptoms of walking pneumonia is a chest pain. This pain would show up whenever you take a deep breath. It is really annoying and also disturbing to get a chest pain whenever you take a breath, and in this condition you really need to get yourself to the doctor. But sometimes this symptom is often to blame as a lung infection. So if you get this symptom, it is better for you to check it to 2 or more different doctors to get a clear result.

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Cough (Dry)

If you have been coughing for more than a week, then it could be a symptom of walking pneumonia. But the cough that caused by walking pneumonia is usually a dry cough. It is itchy, annoying, and would also give you a sore throat. If you have this symptom you might only think that it is just a regular cough then take a sip of medicine. But unfortunately a regular cough medicine wouldn’t be able to get rid all of the cough, the cough would come again and again. So, if you are at this stage of cough, then you need to check it to the doctor.


A lot of walking pneumonia patients are still strong enough to do their daily activities. They don’t feel tired, or even sick at all. One of the common symptom of this disease is a headache, the most common symptoms that usually shows up in almost every disease. But since headache is a regular thing that could be easily cured by a single medicine, so a lot of people are not thinking too much about this symptom.


For some walking pneumonia cases, there are some patients who get a really bad nausea. They are experiencing a really bad stomachache and even vomiting. But some people usually blame this symptom as a cold. So they just take a rest for 1 or 2 days to feel better and then that’s it, but it is not a cold, it is walking pneumonia so the nausea feels wouldn’t end in just 1 or 2 days, it would continue for more than a week.

All of the symptoms of this disease are actually the same with a cold symptoms. But there are some differences that you could notice to differentiate this disease from a cold. The walking pneumonia symptoms could last for more than a week, so if you are having those symptoms of walking pneumonia for more than a week then you should check yourself to the doctor immediately.

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