Cortisol Blockers. Friend Or Foe In Weight Loss?

Cortisol Blockers. Friend Or Foe In Weight Loss?

Cortisol blockers are beneficial as a weight loss aid. Cortisol is a hormone designed to kick in and defend us against harm, stress and danger. As the stressful situation subsides, our body signals us to replenish itself with nourishment so it is prepared for the next stressful situation we face.

The Stress Hormone

Back up a few hundred years and this scenario is really very incredible. However, today most of the world lives in a more modern society and stress is a condition we live with on a minute to minute basis.  In this stressful modern lifestyle is when cortisol becomes a weight issue.

Cortisol is a necessary hormone in your body and could also be your weight loss answer. The adrenal gland secrets this hormone and it is used for proper glucose metabolism, regulation of blood pressure and many other functions.

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It is often referred to as the “stress” hormone and is secreted in higher levels when the brain has determined we are under stress or in danger. It gives us a quick burst of energy under stressful situations then is supposed to return to it’s normal levels as our stress diminishes. The problem is in our society today stress levels are often high for long periods of time. After the burst of cortisol, our bodies assume we’ve used up calories during this time of stress and signals the brain to ask for nourishment. If you live or work in a stressful situation your body could be signaling to produce cortisol over and over again all day long and the excess cortisol can make you gain weight.

I have teens in my house and I believe they are under just as much stress as adults. Peer pressure, sports, class assignments, tests, teachers, parents, chores, college fears, boys or girls whatever the case may be.

Learning to control it will help you gain peak fitness.

Cortisol Blockers

Cortisol Blockers Could Be Your Weight Loss Answer

A possible key to your weight loss answers is controlling your stress hormone levels by releasing stress and tension. It can help you lose weight.

Here are some free diet weight loss tips to help you achieve the same effect as taking a cortisol blocker.

A hot steamy shower for just 10 minutes can increase the production of Oxycontin in your body and reduce levels of the “stress” hormone. This is similar to a sauna which most of us don’t have available on a daily basis. Vitamin C is a good source of antioxidants and lowers levels of the hormone.

This sounds like a funny one, but scientists believe that the color PINK can be soothing and cause a peaceful effect on us. Surround yourself with pink and enjoy the calming effect.

Busy hands are happy hands. Have you ever heard your grandmother or grandfather say that? Well it’s true. Working with your hands for a short period of time on a craft like knitting, scrap-booking, jewelery making or any other handy craft can reduce the flow of stress hormones by 45%. Do you have a cat, or a friend with a cat? Listening to the hum of a furry feline activates the pleasure center of your brain and reduces stress. If you don’t have a cat handy, hum to yourself it actually works too.

Using a weight loss journal is an effective for controlling cortisol without using cortisol blockers.

Using a weight loss journal daily and concentrating on positive thoughts is extremely powerful in controlling your strong emotions and an effective cortisol blocker read all our other diet tips too.

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