Coughing Up Brown Mucus: Causes and Best Treatment

Coughing Up Brown Mucus: Causes and Best Treatment

If you experience coughing up brown mucus, you have to read this article. We have some reasons why you cough up mucus with brown color, and the ways how to deal with this kind of disease. You must know them all to have better understanding about the ailment. Without further ado, let’s get in this topic below.

What is it?

The first question may come up in your head is the definition of mucus. Please notice that mucus is a very common thing for us when having a cold, flu or other chest infection. For your information, this may be gross for some people but mucus is really important for our body because it will protect the surfaces of tissues that we can see in our nose and other airway parts. The function is to keep the surfaces wet. Mucus will appear with several colors. The most colors are yellow, green, brown, and no color or clear. When you cough up brow color of mucus, it is the sign when your body has more than one complication. In other words, it isn’t a simple cold.

coughing up brown mucuss

Then, we are going back to the first question that why we are coughing up brown mucus. Because it is important to diagnose the causes, here are the common reasons as follow.


Smoking has been becoming the first reason why you cough. A smoker is really close with this ailment. If you have a coughing up brown mucus, it is highly predicted that you are a smoker. How does it work? The cigarettes always have tobacco that contains resins, chemicals and tar. When you inhale the smoke, it means that you inhale those contents. They will be stuck in your lungs. Once you cough, it is highly confirmed that you will cough up brown mucus. It usually attacks you in the morning. This problem will be worse if you start quitting smoking. It happens because the lung cilia will be forced to clear out the mucus, whereas it has been filled for over the years.

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Environmental Factors

This is the most common factors that will trigger coughing up brown mucus. Your environment will shape your own disease, including coughs. If you live in polluted surrounding, you must be common with these things. The pollutants, which you inhale every day, will be stuck in your lungs and throat. As we know, the pollutants will consist of dirt and dust. The main function of mucus doesn’t only protect the surfaces of airway, but also filter the air that we breathe in. If it is trapped in your throat and lungs, the dust and other pollutants will be combined with your mucus. It is why the color is brown.

Foods and Drinks

The next reason why you may cough up brown mucus is depending on what you eat and what you drink. Yes, some foods and drinks such as coffee, chocolate, red wine, even soda will cause your mucus into brown color. Consuming garlic in a large portion also triggers this disease. So, please pay full attention with what you are going to eat or drink every day.


It is seemingly enough for us to show the reasons why coughing up brown mucus.  The best treatment to eradicate brown mucus is by consuming appropriate medications. We suggest you to find expectorants, decongestants or nasal spray in order to break up the mucus production in the airway. If you just hate medication, you can also rely on some home remedies. Drink water in suitable portion every day will help you to reduce the brown mucus. Natural tea is also useful such as green tea or honey with tea. If necessary, you should try to inhale steam.

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