Dukan Diet Recipes & Dukan Diet Phases: How to Achieve Satisfying Result

Dukan Diet Recipes & Dukan Diet Phases: How to Achieve Satisfying Result

Dukan Diet Recipes & Dukan Diet Phases

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you are interested in taking part in the Dukan diet, keep in mind that you need to know the solid Dukan diet recipes & Dukan diet phases. Every diet program has its own regulations, sets of rules, guidelines, and policies – and Dukan diet isn’t different. Yes, you will be dealing with phases and certain recipes but it should help you with your program and ensure your weight loss success. After all, losing weight is your purpose from the beginning, right?


Dukan Diet Recipes & Dukan Diet Phases: About the Program

Let’s face it, weight problems have always become an eternal issue that can affect many aspects of our lives. You want to lose weight but you want it fast. You want to maintain your ideal weight but it is difficult to do so with all the temptations. Well, Dukan diet isn’t only claiming itself to be easy and effortless but it will also be effective, fast, and deliver permanent result. Sounds too good to be true? Welll, you only have to get a better insight to be able to judge it for yourself.

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This diet program was developed by Dr. Pierre Dukan in the 70s. He is a French doctor specializing in the weight management. The diet was inspired from a patient who suffered from obesity, claiming that he would give up anything (except for the meat) as long as he could lose the weight. Dr. Dukan started to create a program that is low in carb but  high in protein and divides the program int four different phases, along with the specialized Dukan diet recipes & Dukan diet phases. It turned out that the program was quite a success and many of his patients managed to lose impressive weights after following the program. Dr. Dukan started to publish a book about the program in 2000 and published it in 32 countries. If you look at the details, this diet is basically almost similar to the Atkins diet or Stillman diet.

Dukan Diet Recipes & Dukan Diet Phases

Dukan Diet Recipes & Dukan Diet Phases: How the Program Works

As it was mentioned before, this program is divided into four phases: two phases for weight loss and two phases for maintenance. When you start the program, you will have to calculate the real or true weight based on the weight loss history, age, and other contributing factors. The idea is to reach the true weight by spending a certain period of time within each stage.

The phases are:

  • Attack phase lasting for 7 days. You can consume unlimited amount of lean protein and have oat bran for 1.5 tablespoons a day.
  • Cruise phase lasting to 12 months. You need to alternate the lean protein consumption only with the non starchy vegetables. Don’t forget the oat bran. This time, have 2 tablespoons a day.
  • Consolidation phase has a variable period. You can have some fats and carbs, unlimited veggies and lean protein, and only lean protein only within a week. Don’t forget the oat bran, 2.5 tablespoons a day. For every pound you have lost in phase 1 and 2, you should do this third phase for 5 days..
  • Stabilization phase has the indefinite period. Follows the guide from Consolidation phase but with greater flexibility as long as your weight is stable. Don’t forget 3 tablespoons of oat bran a day.

Besides the Dukan diet recipes & Dukan diet phases, there are some foods to avoid and include and each of them can be included in the phase. For instance, since the Attack phase focuses on the high protein foods, you can consume eggs, lean veal or beef, tempeh or tofu, fish, and the non fat dairy items.

Be sure to be thorough with the recipes and the guidelines as they are your means to success. Focus on the Dukan diet recipes & Dukan diet phases and get further details on the program to ensure success.

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