Everything That You Need To Know About Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3

Everything That You Need To Know About Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3

A chronic kidney disease stage 3, is a condition where your kidney would slowly losing its best performance of filtering all of the material in your body. In this stage you would also experience a lot of complications in your body. So it is surely a dangerous situation if you are having a chronic kidney disease stage 3.

And to help you get the right treatment here are the things that you need to know about chronic kidney disease stage 3:

The Kidney Disease Stage 3 Symptoms

When you reach the stage 3 of kidney then you are going to have some specific symptoms. Like fatigue, you would always feeling fatigue everyday even a simple activity would make you tired. Short of breath also become one of the symptom of kidney disease stage 3. Urine color, kidney disease stage 3 would also change your urine color it usually from yellow to dark orange then brown and even with a little bit of redness from the blood. Pain on your back, and also sleep problems.

kidney disease stage 3

Check Yourself To The Doctor

If you are having a kidney disease then you need to always check yourself to the doctor often. And when the doctor said that you are reaching the 3rd stage of kidney disease then the next person that you need to meet is the Nephrologist, a specialist doctor for kidney disease. The Nephrologist would take a sample of your urine and do some lab tests to it. And then the result would show what kind of treatment and medication that you should take.


When you get a kidney disease stage 3 you need to get a great diet plan. You need to eat a lot of high quality protein and also potassium if your blood level is above normal. Don’t consume too much calcium and also carbohydrate, or you could simply visit a dietitian to get the perfect diet for yourself.

How To Manage Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3

If you have kidney disease then you really need to know how to manage it. You need to eat healthy, do a perfect diet, drink all of the medicines, stop smoking, and also exercise regularly. But for exercise it is better for you to consult it with your doctor so you would know which exercise is best for you.

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Like it has mentioned above. The patients of kidney disease stage 3 are usually having another complication, like diabetes or even a high blood pressure. So to make the keep the kidney works nicely you need to control your glucose and blood pressure level stay normal. You also need to ask to your doctor to give you a perfect medicine to make your kidney works perfectly.

Find Some Help

The cure for kidney disease itself has not been found yet. But there is a cure that could slow down the damage that caused by the disease. If you are having a kidney disease then you really need to go to the doctor to know what kind of treatment and medication that you should take. And if you want to see a Nephrologist, they you could use an application called DaVita’s Find A Kidney Doctor. This application would let you to locate any kidney specialist in your area.

A kidney disease needs a lot of attention, you need to check yourself to the doctor, do the best treatment, and also take all of the medicine. Hope all of the information above would help you to get the best treatment and also medicine for your chronic kidney disease stage 3.

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