Fast Metabolism Diet Plan: Everything You Should Know

Fast Metabolism Diet Plan: Everything You Should Know

Fast Metabolism Diet Plan: Everything You Should Know

Did you know about Fast Metabolism Diet plan? If you don’t know, you must know then. This may be the best diet plan for modern people. As we can see, people are showered with plentiful diet programs, including some celebrity diet plans such as The Cabbage Soup Diet, The Dukan Diet, The Master Cleanse, and many more. In this article, we will focus only on the Fast Metabolism Diet. What it is? What are the benefits? How to do this diet? These questions are answered in this article below.

What It Is

The Fast Metabolism Diet plan is a book written by HayliePomroy. She is a nutritionist and she published this book a couple years ago. The book tells some cases as well as tips of this nutritionist in helping her clients to lose their weight. As stated on its name, this diet plan results the faster metabolism in human body. It will work harder and faster so that our body will provide cleansing activity effectively. It is the core of the diet plan. Pomroy says that this diet only takes the real whole foods. It uses varying combinations in order to trigger our metabolism to keep working as fast as possible.

Fast Metabolism Diet Plan

How It Works

Next, you need to know how it works. The Fast Metabolism Diet plan offers three phases that you must repeat in a month. These phases will be used every week for four times, and you will have a consecutive diet plan for one month. Let’s see these phases below.

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Phase 1

This is the first phase of the diet plan. It may start from Monday to Tuesday. This phase is intended to release and let go the stress inside your body. It is also useful to calm our adrenalines. The meals derive from fruit and carbs.

Phase 2

The second phase starts from Wednesday to Thursday. This phase really works when you want to build and gain your muscle. Pomroy also claims that it will release the stored fat in your body. The meals must contain much protein and vegetables.

Phase 3

This is the last phase of the Fast Metabolism Diet plan. It starts from Friday to Sunday. The objective of this phase is to smooth the burn. What does the burn mean? It consists of heat, hearth and hormones. Your body will work healthier without the burn. To do this, you can combine the meals of the first and second phases. Pomroy recommends adding oils and fats.


In conclusion, this Fast Metabolism Diet plan will trigger our metabolism to work harder and faster so that the fat will be released naturally. Pomroy also says that this diet plan isn’t a diet program at all. But, it seems like a better way to eat in healthier way. The plan tends to choose fruits, vegetables, legumes, and proteins. Pomroy suggests the users of this diet plan not to consume caffeine and alcohol. The complete prohibitions are wheat, dairy, soy, fruit juices, refined sugar, and dried fruits. That is why this plan relies on the whole, real foods like vegetables and fruits.


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