First Aid In People With Asthma

First Aid In People With Asthma

Asthma is a State of health where you trouble breathing due to the existence of a disruption to the lungs. For people with asthma should understand first aid measures that can be done and communicate that information with the family that is around you. It is certainly useful to help asthmatics that case weak.

Asthma first aid

First Aid In People With Asthma

Look for a convenient location with clean air, open a refreshing again, it can be taken to a bedroom or space that allows sufferers will rest with quiet or bring sufferers into the room spacious and free from the crowd so much oxygen available.

Avoid as much as possible from the source of the allergy sufferers (elergen) that may trigger asthma for example dust, cigarette smoke, smoke, pollen, pet fur, etc.

Relaxed and calm. Sit down, relax and take a deep breath. The attitude of panic even exacerbate asthma attacks. In addition, calm yourself, also set the rhythm of breathing the most sufferers.

Calm and teenee sufferers. This can greatly help recovery pendeita although just temporarily. Do not be asking the question and invites to chat because sufferers normally sufferers hard talk.

-Aidssufferers to sit and break, inasmuch as the sufferer more comfortable seating conditions. With the sat, making the lung cavity is wider, then can help breathing the sufferer or try positioning the sufferer in conditions of half sat with shoulders resting on the pillow or walls or whatever. Do not ever put in a position to sleep, it will aggravate the illness suffered, inasmuch as the breathing channels can be blocked due to a wrong sleeping position.

Loosen the clothing the sufferers can breathe smoothly until the first case utilizing tight clothes, quickly loosen because sufferers need comfortable clothes.

Give to drink warm water in sufferers, even a little, this function let sufferers.

Taking medications appropriately. When asthma attacks have not been reduced anyway, giving medication for asthma that has ensured its security by the obstetrician.

Tips on avoiding complications from asthma suffered:

Avoid exposure to cigarette smoke and other potential irritants, such as mold, pollen, dust, fur.
The more physical activity that can trigger asthma. Avoid consuming spicy foods, which can trigger heartburn is acid (underbelly heat on the State).
Make it a habit to consumption of an Apple from the fruit content Apple is flavonoids are very useful for the health of your lungs. You can consume at least 4 x a week.
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