Flabby arms are more prone to afflict women than men and unless we workout regularly we can expect from our 30’s and beyond for our arms to become baggy and flabby, but the good news is if we want to stop this ageing process we can, and that is by understanding our body, understanding how it works and applying the right regime to ensure that you can always have toned, tight and defined arms.

So more often than not, the two areas of that excess body fat will head straight to the tummy area or the arms, this condition is often unkindly referred to as Bingo wings, and this depends mainly on your body shape and your genes. Your arms can be a give away to your lifestyle and habits as you can see if an individual is fit and healthy by their arms! Are they toned and strong or are they saggy and baggy?  As the saggy and baggy arms indicate being unfit, not taking regular exercise and eating a high calorie diet where as the toned and lean arms indicate a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Flabby Arms Simple ExercisesFlabby Arms Simple Exercises

Here are 3 simple things you can do to help get rid of those flabby arms;


Okay this one is so simple but just look at reducing your portion size by one third, as this way you will be reducing excess calories, nowadays most portions are way oversized and this is why worldwide we are now bigger than ever before. Food is essential to a healthy life so it is not about starving yourself, it is simply about eating the right amount of food and doing this from vitamin and mineral rich quality foods, so opt for lean meats, fresh fruit, vegebeatles, wholegrain, nuts and seeds. Spend time finding healthy recipes, as  whatever your favourite dish you can always eat a healthy option, so say you love spaghetti bolognaise, just make sure you have it with lean mince instead of fatty mince, have wholemeal pasta instead of white pasta, swap the parmesan for some fresh herbs and say no to the garlic bread, and make sure it is a small portion and not large. As those bigger unhealthy portions simply turn into fat and can head straight to your arms!

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Our bodies are designed to move as this is how we generate energy and how our body simply burns off those excess calories, but  if they stay put it turns into fat, so if we are inactive and spend most of the day sitting, our body does not get the chance to burn off any extra calories so this way you can easily start piling on the extra weight. As we are all unique, this happens at a different rate but the more weight you put on the more chance you have of developing flabby arms!

So to help reduce the amount of body fat you carry you need to be active daily, this can be anything from even doing 30 minutes of brisk housework, or a 10 minute walk around the block. The important thing is to be active every day.


So you don’t need to join a gym to tone up your arms some of the best exercise women can do for the arms are ones in which you use your own bodyweight as resistance, this way you avoid bulking them up and to keep those arms long lean and defined you should go for higher repetitions, and less weight, so for example one of my arm exercise that I have created to get rid of bingo wings, you do not use any weights but you repeat the move 100 times, instead of doing exercises that get you lifting a weight and only doing 8 – 10 lifts as this works more on strengthening  and can bulk the muscles, where as my way for women is all about keeping the muscles long and lean.

So now you can see just by these 3 rules above how easy it is to exercise your way to flab free arms.

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