Friedreich’s Ataxia Symptoms and Treatment

Friedreich’s Ataxia Symptoms and Treatment

Friedreich’s Ataxia Symptoms and Treatment You Must Know

You may need to read these Friedreich’s Ataxia symptoms so that you can check whether or not you are affected by this disease. This is indeed a rare genetic disease, but it is always worth it for us to know what it is and what they symptoms are.

What it is

It is a rare genetic disease as we aforementioned above. In simple words, it is a rare disease that relates to the human’s genetic; and not all humans can be affected with this Friedreich’s ataxia. The sufferers of Friedreich’s Ataxia symptoms will have much difficulty to walk and even to speak. They are like losing any sensation and feeling especially in their arms and legs. Another name of it is called spinocerebellar degeneration. The main cause is at the parts of their brain and spinal cord, which are likely damaged. Some patients are also affected on their heart. The word “ataxia” meaning is to have a lack of order. Actually, there are many types of ataxia based on their causes. Freidreich’s ataxia is one of them.

This disease can affect any age, ranging from 2 to 50 years old. Commonly, the disease affects children in ten to fifteen years old. According to, this disease comparison is approximately 1:40000. It means there will be one person who is affected by Friedreich’s ataxia among 40,000 people. The world hasn’t found the cure of it yet. But, there are some treatments that we can do to reduce the risk. We concern with the Friedreich’s Ataxia symptoms firstly so that the treatment will be necessary to prevent the disease.

Friedreich’s Ataxia symptoms

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Let’s have a look to some symptoms aside from difficulty with walking as follow:

  • The sufferer may affect with vision changes
  • They also will lose their hearing
  • Their muscles become weaker
  • The lack of reflexes may happen especially in the legs
  • Their coordination is very poor
  • They can even communicate normally
  • Involuntary eye movements
  • They have foot deformities
  • They can sense any vibration in their feet and legs

One study shows that about 75 percent of Friedreich’s ataxia sufferers have a heart disease, such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It is when the health muscle is thickened. In addition, the Friedreich’s Ataxia symptomsof this heart disease are as follow:

  • Hearth pulse,
  • Pain in the chest,
  • Short breath.

Diabetes is one of Friedreich’s ataxia complications too.

Friedreich’s Ataxia symptomsss


After knowing the Friedreich’s Ataxia symptoms, it would be better if we also know the best treatment of it. This disease has no cure. But, some treatments can reduce the symptoms surely. The best treatment is physical therapy as well as speech therapy. Both therapies may help you to stay in a good condition and your muscle will be active. Using walking aids is also necessary to help you stand and walk. To reduce the heart disease and diabetes, ask some medications to your doctor.

Keep in healthy lifestyle; always read information about these Friedreich’s Ataxia symptoms will also help you to increase your morale and psychology. It may require some help from your family or friend by the way. But, the outcome is effective.

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