Getting to Know About the Lungs and Lung Diseases

Getting to Know About the Lungs and Lung Diseases

About the Lungs and Lung Diseases-Lung was soft, like a sponge. In healthy conditions, generally gray lungs pink, although healthy lungs may be blackened by pollution caused by carbon particles in the air.

Between the right and left side of the lung have different sizes. Lung on the right side tend to be larger and shorter size. This is because the lungs, the right side should make room for organ located beneath the liver. As for the left side tend to be smaller and narrower because of its location close to the heart.

Lungs store air men more than women. When it breaks, lungs man can hold approximately 750 cubic centimeters of air. While women are only about 285 to 393 cubic centimeters.

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Dr. Jonathan Parsons, a professor at Ohio State University say that healthy people only use about 70% of lung capacity, even when performing heavy physical activity. On the other hand, the American Lung Association revealed that adult breath 15 to 20 times per minute. This means, in a day we breathe about 20 thousand times. Although it seems easy breathing, but the actual process is very complex.

Lung Diseasess

Some diseases of the lung

The lungs also may develop a variety of diseases. Some factors are innate gene, virus, up bad habits or unhealthy lifestyles. Problems often arise in the lung include asthma and other adverse conditions caused by cigarettes.


Asthma is a disease of the lungs caused by inflammation and narrowing of the airways that makes it hard to breathe. This condition is triggered by allergens such as cigarette smoke or dust.

Lung cancer

In the United States, lung cancer is the cause of cancer deaths are a major, and had claimed many lives, both men and women. Cancer symptoms are chest pain, shortness of breath, weight loss, coughing up blood, and a persistent cough.

Getting to Know About the Lungs and Lung Diseasess

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

This type of disease or commonly abbreviated form of COPD is a lung disease that results in the long run one can not breathe smoothly because it caused degeneration of lung or excess mucus.

Emphysema and chronic bronchitis are also included as COPD. About 80 percent of COPD deaths are caused by smoking. Sometimes, people with COPD will get a lung transplant or lung reimbursement obtained from organ donors.

Lung infection

This condition is caused by bacteria and viruses that can cause pneumonia and bronchitis. Severe infections are usually characterized by the presence of fluid in the lungs, coughing up blood, fever that does not heal, and lymph nodes.

Maintaining Healthy Lungs

Do not smoke and avoid secondhand smoke is one of the best ways to maintain lung health. For information, there were at least 70 of the 7,000 chemicals in cigarettes that can damage cells in the lungs. In addition, regular exercise, maintain hydration of the body, and doing breathing exercises on a regular basis is also highly recommended to keep the lungs healthy.


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