GM Diet Plan 2017 with video: Getting a Glimpse of the Concept

GM Diet Plan 2017 with video: Getting a Glimpse of the Concept

GM Diet Plan 2017

If you have heard about the success of GM diet program, you may be interested in the new GM diet plan 2017. Originally developed for the internal workers of the company (General Motors), this plan has made a global talk – mostly because of the high rate of success and the claim that doing such a diet isn’t difficult at all. Before you can decide whether you want to have it or not, you need to know the overall concept and principle before you can proceed with the system.


GM Diet Plan 2017: About the Diet Plan

Weight has become an issue that everyone is accustomed to. Everyone wants to lose weight but they don’t want to suffer from the process. That’s why the search for magical and effective dieting program continues to happen and yet only a few of them are proven to be effective and real – and it is not as easy as you think.  So, before you jump to the next GM diet plan 2017, it is better to know what you can expect.

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The General Motors diet isn’t something new as it has been around for more than 20 years – starting in 1985. At that time, General Motors was working together with the U.S Department of Agriculture and the FDA to develop the diet, designed for the employees. The idea was to make the employees healthier, which will affect the productivity and company’s outcome. The result was quite surprising and shocking. Most of the employees managed to lose at least 10 pounds within a week. Not only they were slimmer, they were also experiencing improved confidence, efficiency, and also energy. Since then, the diet has become a global popular topic because of several reasons – because it doesn’t include any complicated preparation or expensive ingredients, and it doesn’t affect the daily’s routine of the dieter.

GM Diet Plan 2017: How It Works

Sure, you can always expect something different with the new GM diet plan 2017 but what is the basic idea of the diet itself? The diet plan works by limiting the consumption and calories. You are only allowed to eat brown rice, veggies, fruits, and chicken. The idea is to combine low calorie veggies, complex carbs, and fruits while improving the water intake to promote fast but healthy weight loss. Keep in mind that you should always talk to your doctor before starting this diet.

GM Diet Plan 2017: The Example Diet

Simply follow the plan; you don’t need to be creative to come up with other alternatives. In day 1, for instance, you are allowed to eat all kinds of fruits, except bananas. The suggested foods are cantaloupe and watermelon, accompanied by at least 12 glasses of water.  You aren’t allowed to eat other things except fruits, like papaya, kiwi, orange, or apple. Whenever you are hungry, grab any fruit that you like and have a bite. This plan can be divided into several schedules, like:

  • Water (a glass) and an apple for breakfast
  • Water (a glass) with a bowl of cantaloupe for brunch
  • Water (two glasses) with a slice of watermelon
  • Water (a glass) and an orange for after lunch snack
  • Water (a glass) and an apple for evening snack
  • Water (two glasses) and a slice of guava and cantaloupe for dinner

This is only an example schedule for the new diet plan but you can always consult the expert to get the real insight, plan, and schedule. This is such an interesting idea, right? And you are probably thinking, “Ah, this is only for 7 days. I can always live through 7 days with fruits and veggies only.” Mind you that the thought and the real implementation will be different. When you have to go through the plan, you may find that GM diet plan 2017 isn’t as easy as you think – people may be bored of the fruits.

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