Having a Healthy Pregnancy with Exercise and Yoga Pregnancy Health

Having a Healthy Pregnancy with Exercise and Yoga Pregnancy Health

Pregnancy is a period when women need to do some mild stretching exercises to keep one-self healthy. Yoga can be practiced during pregnancy as it is an ancient and good form of exercise for the body and people also attain peace in the mind. An expert should be consulted before starting any form of exercise and certain exercise poses should be avoided during pregnancy as to avoid any discomfort.

They are a lot of mild exercises in yoga, which can help women in having a natural childbirth, and there are also some postures, which can be useful in getting into shape even after childbirth. There a lot of breathing exercises involved in yoga, as it can work wonders in calming of the mind and body and it can have a positive effect on the unborn baby. It can help in eliminating the morning sickness, nausea and other discomforts. It can also lessen the labor pains by practicing certain postures, which can help in relieving stress around the pelvic area. Prenatal yoga classes are very common these where women can share their thoughts about pregnancy and they can help out each other while exercising. It’s a great way of relieving stress, which is the main reason for a woman’s mood swings.

Yoga Pregnancy

Few poses of the yoga, which can be practiced during the third trimester of pregnancy are Half Butterfly and Full Butterfly. By practicing these postures the hip joints loosen up and the tiredness of the legs disappear, overall it helps in delivering smoothly. Sleeping Abdominal Stretch pose is a form of yoga, which helps in curing constipation and stiffness of the spine is removed. Shoulder rotation is also very useful as it can help in relieving the tension from the neck area. Yoga also helps in building stamina and energy in a woman and also at the same relieves several discomforts and pains. Drinking lots of water during exercising is a plus point as to avoid dehydration.

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During pregnancy there are a number of changes found in a woman’s body, the shape and weight changes and different exercises are followed at different times but at any time during pregnancy walking and swimming are the best exercises. When exercising the blood flow increases in the muscles and there is decreased blood flow and oxygen supply to vital organs, so exercise should not be vigorous or strenuous, it should be mild and a little warm up is necessary before exercising. After completing the exercises you should have lots of water as to avoid dehydration. It should be noted that at any time during exercising the heartbeat should never cross more than 140 beats/minute.

example yoga gymnastics for pregnant women

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Whenever there is a feeling of tiredness, pain in the abdomen or shortness of breath is felt the exercise regimen should be stopped immediately. Weight training should be avoided, as there is a risk of spraining a muscle. Standing for long periods should also be avoided. Loose fitting cotton clothes should be worn while exercising and a good pair of comfortable shoes should be used. An obstetrician is the best person to suggest the suitable exercises for pregnant women. It is observed that when a mother follows a daily routine of exercising the baby is born stronger, healthier and also there is better neurodevelopment in the baby.

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