How to fitness for beginners women, effective and very easy

How to fitness for beginners women, effective and very easy

There are various kinds of fitness goals. For women, it is usually the ultimate goal is to beautify the body, slimming body shape, maintain health and others. The first step to start a fitness in women is to choose a program. Choosing the right exercise program can be a confusing process for women.
To get it, you should at least take the time to practice at least 3 times a week. Fitness for women is basically not necessarily weight, an important routine and intensive. A consistent workout schedule that might be followed, among others, as one day of strenuous exercise, one day off, a one-day exercise were, one day off, and another day of strenuous exercise.
How to fitness for beginners women, effective and very easy
How to fitness for beginners women, effective and very easy

Cardio Exercises

You can choose the form of cardio exercises as you want and you like. The run is always a good way especially for problems in the area of the upper thigh, buttocks, and lower abdomen. Up and down the stairs also becomes one of the exercises to train your lower body.
There are hundreds of women out there yg comes to the gym just to erect above the elyptical machine or treadmill training and does not produce anything. This is because they forget the weight training. well, you could run like cardio, swimming or elyptical, but should be done after weight training to be effective, this result is due to muscle growth should in priority if you want to have the body of se0rang fitness model
Start slowly and gradually increase the duration of your cardio exercises from 20 minutes to 25 minutes, then 30 minutes.

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Weight Training
Start with high reps with mild or moderate burden. You should increase the weight load if you begin to feel increasingly exercise feels light and easy lifting weights. Do approximately every 2-3 weeks.
Find the program that is right for you

Every woman’s fitness is different. You may have a health background where a program is not suitable for you. Always consult a qualified coach so that the program will not harm you. When the fitness program is not suitable for you, will result in a frustrating or even make you hurt.

Create realistic targets

Would you not be frustrated to make you slim in 1 month? Make sure your desired body shape can be achieved in a realistic time. Your program must also be practical and not just give You hope. Once you are matched with a program, you can create a goal and make a realistic time period.

Exercise should be done on the part of the body that have the muscle

His main reason, when you bring up the muscles, you will burn calories and reduce body fat. Weight lifting exercises suggested. Learn the right exercises for your body.

Big muscle there are basically 4, shoulder (delts), chest (pecs), back (lats), and thighs (Quads). well 4 this muscle is the major muscles and you need to train them first because they needed more personnel to be trained properly. After you have finished the lat pulldown then you do bicep dumbbell curl. less is more logically, large muscles first.

Exercise should be done systematically

Your muscles have to work harder at regular intervals. Do the same exercise with the same heavy load without making your muscles work harder is not going to give You satisfactory results. You can record the results daily and make progress in accordance with the previous data. Diary will keep you motivated and see your progress. This will make you more confident because there is written record of one goal that you have accomplished.

Do 1 set of exercises with 10 repetitions

Each number has been achieved is called repetition. Try out do each repetition with a faster momentum. Faster movement, your muscles work harder. And the harder your muscles work, then your muscles will become larger.

How to fitness for beginners women, effective and very easy

Do different variations in training

You can change the exercises and the goal every month to keep you motivated. This will help you from boredom and loss of energy, physically and mentally.
Schedule of yg good gym for beginners is 5 x a week with a time span of 30-45 minutes.
You don’t have to spend countless hours in the gym with the hope that your body will become so sexy after 1 week, the change was the concept yg take time and patience, not results 1 days lat pulldown and you’ve got a sexy back. abdominal excess yg everywhere it‘s not TODO 1 night also anyway?
Eat right

This command is a pake exclamation point, why is that? because too many people wrote wrong with diets, logically put it this way. If you’ve got a Lamborghini or Porsche, are you going to fill them with gasoline for $ 4500 per liter? of course not, you’re already sporting with weight, eat foods yg good nutrient content. DON’T skip meals, whatever the reason. true diet that’s packed with true diet, not skipping meals. ntar kasian imaginable to your agency. eat 5-6 meals a day, snacks and 3 3 great meal. eat right make sure your body‘s metabolism works correctly and avoid you from pain and help you deal with the Agency. I’m not being facetious.


Nutrition became one of the important part of the fitness program. You have to eat in small portions, high frequency that is 5-6 times a day. Avoid junk food and start to calculate how many calories, carbs, protein and fat you need. Although the each person needs varies, but each person must consume foods high in protein will help your body to repair damaged cells and muscles throughout your practice. In addition, never lewtkan dinner, because most women often make mistakes. But the dinner menu is, especially with the much-needed source of protein, the body during sleep to repair body tissue.

You need to be aware that not all programs will be successful for some people. There is no exercise that is good for everyone. But you can learn from the experience of others. Learn to discipline, staying motivated and workout harder each day and add variations. Through various efforts and perrjuangan, what we do is surely to fruition. Good or bad result lies in sooth us. Therefore don’t be discouraged and keep positive thinking.
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