How to Prevent, Symptoms and Causes of Stress

How to Prevent, Symptoms and Causes of Stress

How to Prevent, Symptoms and Causes of Stress ? Stress is the body’s reaction to situations that appear dangerous or difficult. Stress causes the body to produce the hormone adrenaline which serves to defend themselves. Stress is a part of human life. Mild stress useful and can spur people to think and try to think and seek faster and louder so that it can respond to the challenges of everyday life. Mild stress could stimulate and provide a sense of more passionate in life that are usually boring and routine. But the stress is too much and sustained, if not addressed, will be harmful to health.

The symptoms of stress:

• Being irritable and angry with your friends, family and colleagues.
• To act aggressively and defensively
• Feeling constantly tired.
• Difficult concentration or forgetfulness.
• Palpitations or pounding heart.
• The muscles tense.
• Headache, stomach and diarrhea.


How to Prevent, Symptoms and Causes of Stress

complications stress

• High blood pressure and heart attacks.
• Mental illness, hysteria.
• Eating disorders such as loss of appetite or eating too much.
• Can not sleep (insomnia).
• migraine / headache.
• Gastric pains.
• Asthma attacks are more severe.
• Skin rash.

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Causes of Stress

• Genesis everyday life both happy and sad like:
• Married / have children.
• Starting a new job / housewarming / emigration.
• Loss of a loved one either due to death or divorce.
• Issues of personal relationships.
• Lessons school or a job that requires a strict time schedule, or work with a hard boss and a lack of understanding.
• Not healthy.
• Environmental like too crowded, too many people or too hot in the home or workplace.
• Financial issues such as debt and spending beyond ability.
• Lack of confidence, shy
• Too ambition and aspire too high.
• Negative feelings such as guilt and do not know how to solve them, frustrating.
• Unable to get along, lacking the support of friends.
• Making a decision problem that could change the course of his life or be forced to change the values ​​/ principles of personal life. You can do

How to prevent stress?

• Check / measure the ability of its own. Learning to accept what is and love yourself.
• Find the cause of negative feelings and learn to cope. Do not aggravate the problem and try to occasionally succumb to others even though you may be in the right.
• Plan major changes in your life in the long term and give yourself enough time for you to adjust from one to the other changes.
• Plan your time well. Create a to-do list in order of priority.
• Make decisions carefully. Consider carefully in terms of good or bad before deciding anything.
• Let someone else come to think your problem. Tell spouse, friend, supervisor or religious leaders. They may help you put the problem in accordance with the proportions and offer ways of solving useful.
• Build a good driving system by way of numerous friends and have a happy family. They will always be with you in each kesulitan.Jaga health, eating well, getting enough sleep and exercise regularly.
• Plan time for recreation.
• Relaxation techniques such as deep breath, meditation or massage may be


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