Anna Haining Bates is a woman well known for her gigantic height. When she was born, she grew very fast. In reality, during her 4th birthday she was 4 feet 6 inches and 5 foot 2 inches tall when she reached the age of 6. When she reached 15, she then measured more that seven feet. Indeed, she is suffering from the condition known as gigantism which happens to someone with an excessive secretion of growth hormone during childhood, earlier than the closing of the bone growth plates. Too much growth hormone will result to an overgrowth of the long bones. This condition is rare but there’s nothing to be afraid of since even the famous Abraham Lincoln is presumed to be suffering from this.

It would be helpful to seek professional help right ahead when symptoms of gigantism is noted. Treatment usually varies depending on the severity and causes of the illness. Start with the basic. Perform some research about drugs and medicine which can treat the problem. Ask your doctor if the case can be resolved by merely taking medicines like Bromocriptine which is a kind of drugs known as ergot alkaloids. This one works as a dopamine agonist which chiefly activate the dopamine D2 receptors as it also obstructs the release of prolactin in the pituitary gland.

How to Treat Gigantism

If medicine would not do any good then ask a specialist if the use of high-energy radiation omitted by x-rays, neutrons, gamma rays, and various other can be used to kill the problem within the body. The process is simple. Basically, radiation may come from a machine outside the body which is a process known as the external-beam radiation therapy; or it may be an internal radiation therapy in where a radioactive material is placed within the body. This kind of treatment for gigantism is often used and it can fairly be effectual in destroying pituitary problems. However there is a risk during the process since it can damage the healthy tissue which surrounds the part that will be treated. Also, the result of radiation therapy is not seen right ahead. It can even take years to show the full effect and may cause the pituitary gland to generate inadequate pituitary hormones later.

If radiation is not an option, you need to consider surgery. The doctor may remove the pituitary tumor which is the main reason behind the problem. Above any other, surgery is considered to be the most helpful treatment for gigantism. However, this cure cannot be performed to all patient most specially for those by which the disease become very severe and the tumor is by now too large to be removed carefully. In addition, if your physical appearance is the one that bother you most then it would be highly sensible to subject yourself to plastic surgery in order to normalize your look. Doing all of these step by step procedures can help the patient standardize their growth hormone thus making them live a normal life like any other.


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