As you learn how to treat gonorrhoea you will understand that this isn’t the type of sexually transmitted disease that you can’t take care of. While you do want to take care of the problem as soon as you can, a person can make a full recover from it. You do want to take precautions though so you don’t get it but if you do, seeking medication attention is very important.

The Diagnosis for Gonorrhoea

There are some simple tests that your doctor can perform that can confirm gonorrhoea is present. If you think it is possible you should schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Your doctor will do an assessment as well as a physical examination. Most of the time there will be visible elements that confirm it at that time.

If the gonorrhoea is in the early stages your doctor may need to do a culture. This involves taking fluids from the body and evaluating them. The results of this type of testing can be found within 48 hours. A urine test can also confirm gonorrhoea but usually that testing alone isn’t enough to make the diagnosis.

How to Treat Gonorrhoea

Antibiotics for Gonorrhoea Treatment

If your doctor confirms that you do have gonorrhoea, they will prescribe antibiotics for you. If the problem is severe they may inject you with them before you leave the office. Most of the time though a prescription will be given for you to fill at a local pharmacy. The pills will need to be taken daily for a period of 5 to 7 days.

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There are several different types of antibiotics that can be offered for such treatment. The overall health of the individual, their age, and other medications they may be taking are all considered. With a severe case of gonorrhoea that has infected many areas of the body something stronger will be required than if it is caught in the early stages.

A common problem is that people don’t continue to take the medication for the full course. Once they start to feel better or the symptoms disappear they fail to finish the antibiotics. Then the bacteria can continue to spread again. Women who think they may be pregnant need to share that information with the doctor. Most types of antibiotics aren’t a good idea during the early stages of a pregnancy.

Avoid Sexual Activity

If you have been diagnosed with it, how to treat gonorrhoea should be a priority for you. Sexual activity isn’t something you should take part in until you have been cleared by the doctor. This will occur at a follow up appointment after your course of antibiotics is completed. If you have sex during the treatment for gonorrhoea it could result in the bacteria lingering. You also risk infecting your partner with the STD.

Recovery Statistics

When you know how to treat gonorrhoea you have a 95% to 99% chance of being able to make a full recovery. The sooner you seek treatment the higher your chances will be. Make sure you carefully follow the instructions of your doctor. Take all medications for the length of time that it was prescribed. Never skip doses or share medication with anyone else. If you have any concerns make sure you talk to your doctor about them.


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