What Causes Hair Loss In Men?

The cause of male hair loss is due primarily to genetic sensitivity to the male sex hormones in the scalp. These hormones shrink the follicles of hair in the scalp to the point where they can no longer grow replacement hair for those lost naturally. The follicles do not die, but are actually still alive yet unable to properly function.

How to Treat Hair Loss in Men

How Can You Treat Male Hair Loss?

Although hair loss in males can be treated by a doctor, due to the fact that it is not caused by a disease, it’s methods of treatment are considered cosmetic and are thus expensive out of pocket procedures. Many of these treatment methods require the individual to have specific factors to determine candidacey. If these factors are not met, the individual will often be denied treatment by this method. Below you will find a list of the different types of treatments available and a description of what is done in that process:

Medication Treatments For Hair Loss In Men

Using medication to treat hair loss in men does not provide permanent results as it is necessary to continue using the treatment method or the results will fade.

Minoxidil – Common component of the popular brand Rogaine. Originally used to treat high blood pressure, Minoxidil has proven positive results in over 60% of the patients who have used it. The results vary from individual to individual, of course. The treatment procedure includes applying Minoxidil lotion to your scalp twice a day, but unfortunately missing an application or stopping usage of the product will cause the results to wear off.

Finasteride – The chemical name for the medication Propecia. This is a tablet based hair loss medication that is used to block the male hormones that cause hair loss. Use of Finasteride will halt the hair loss process along with regrowing hair on your scalp in the course of three to six months. Over 80% of patients who use the product receive positive results, but continuous treatment is needed for the results to stay.

Plastic Surgery Treatments For Hair Loss In Men

Unlike medication treatments for hair loss in men, plastic surgery provides permanent results. There are various methods available, but they are all costly and require visiting a specialist.

Hair Transplant – This procedure moves the hair follicles that are not restricted to the front of the head, replacing the ones that where. There are factors that determine if an individual is a candidate for this procedure or not, so make sure to schedule a consultation first.

Scalp Reduction – Used specifically to cover the balding spot most men have on the back of their head.

Flap Surgery – This procedure expands the area of the scalp that contains active hair follicles and is only effective in small areas of hair loss.


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