How to Treat Obesity

How to Treat Obesity

How to treat Obesity ? Being obese has a lot of unfavorable effects on the physical, emotional and psychological well being of a person. Obesity is rampant now a days and it alarms health experts that America has gone to be the obese capital of the world. You would not want that right?

You have to decide now whether you would want to stay obese forever or opt for a better option of doing some life changing decision which is to loose weight and be fit and fab.

If you are obese and you are looking for an advice on how to treat obesity you have come to the right place.

how to treat obesity

Before we proceed with the treatment, let us first define the parameters that a physician can conclude that indeed it is obesity. Obesity is a condition where in there is a considerable fat accumulation in the body. The BMI or the Body Mass Index is the crude population measure of obesity. It measures the person’s weight (which is in Kilograms), divided by the square of the person’s height (which is expressed in meters). For a person to be considered as OBESE he or she must have a Body Mass Index of 30 or more. A person who has a Body Mass Index equal to or more than 25 is considered overweight.

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There are several ways on how to treat obesity. You can either take the natural way of loosing weight. You can even treat obesity by religiously following your diet and exercise regimen. Unfortunately, there are certain cases that these sorts of treatments are ineffective. No matter how much exercise and diet is being done by the person the truth still remains that they did not get rid of obesity.

Body Mass Index of greater than 40 is defined as morbid obesity. This is a kind of obesity that cannot be cured by medicine and diet as well as exercise. The only recommended treatment is surgery coupled with a pharmacological regimen of anti-obesity medications. Here are some few steps to consider in treating morbid obesity through surgery and pharmacological therapy.

how to treat obesity
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You have to choose between the two types of bariatric surgery whether you would choose between gastric binding and stomach stapling. Be informed on the risks of each choice.


Change eating habits so as not to aggravate the situation.

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Keep yourself healthy with a daily dose of your vitamins. Take proper supplements to replenish the deficiency of iron and calcium in the body as well as other form of minerals that your body needs.


Plenty of water can quench deep down thirst. Water has the ability to wash out harmful toxins in the body. The daily requirement of water is highly affected by our digestion as well as our physical activities. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.


Anti- obesity drugs are given to help manage the obesity. Drugs such as Reductil, Orlistat are just some of the drugs prescribed to as pharmacological management.

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