Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Secrets You Must Do

Jennifer Hudson weight loss has become trending this year. Many people are amazed with the transformation of this American singer who was a candidate of American Idol in 2004. This woman was also one of the judges on The Voice UK. Her physical transformation brings us many secret that we can apply to our daily life. Luckily, she reveals her secret to transform her body. We have collected them all throughout her interviews. Let’s check them all below.

It is all About Food

The first secret of Jennifer Hudson weight loss is the food that she consumes every day. Hudson claims that she can’t do workout because there is no time for her to do it. So, managing what she eats is a must thing to do for her. Her secret is to be careful and cautious about the foods that she wants to eat. Moreover, she does it consistently. Without the same pace, you won’t get this ideal body. Managing your foods every day is kind of easy if you have committed to have good body shape. For example, you eat this now and you won’t eat any other food next. You must care with your body so that you have this commitment. Skipping a breakfast in the morning is also a good idea to keep your body shape.

There is also a method used by Hudson to avoid snacks and bad-eating habits. This is quite effective to reduce the food temptation. Hudson says that she throws the food that bothers or disturbs her meal time across the room. She doesn’t want to be intimidated by the food, which doesn’t belong to her stomach. You have to ensure the food that you must and mustn’t eat at the moment. Hudson adds that the portion of the food is also important. She doesn’t do workout but she is an active woman who loves moving her body wherever she wants to.

Jennifer Hudson weight loss

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Nothing Easy in the Beginning

This is the next secret that we got from Jennifer Hudson weight loss. She joined Weight Watcher after giving a birth to her son. She says that she had to make up her diet mentality. Of course, it wasn’t easy in the beginning and you must struggle with for about couple weeks before you can get rid of any food that you don’t want to eat. In other words, it takes much time before you can have good mentality. This is what happened to Hudson in getting her body shape. She used to undergo Weight Watcher diet in order to learn the effective way to reduce her weight.

Her Meals

It is also important to know what she eats when the meal time is ongoing. Her breakfast will be full of fruits and yogurts. This combination really helps you to have full in an effective time. She also skips the breakfast sometimes. Since she is a singer, her days are full and busy. But, she won’t skip her lunch. Her lunch comes with grilled chicken salad, turkey sandwich, shrimp, or other delicious lunch. Her dinner goes for some sushi, homemade tacos, and shrimp stir-fry. Those all foods are the secret of Jennifer Hudson weight loss.


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