Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan Benefits You Must Know

Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan Benefits You Must Know

Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan Benefits You Must Know

Today, we would like to share about Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan that becomes viral on the internet these days. Many people are fascinated with this kind of diet plan. Did you know that this is not an actual diet program or plan? It prefers being a lifestyle for modern people. Without further ado, check the descriptions below.

What is it?

You might be wondering about the meaning of Mediterranean diet. For your information, this diet plan tends to rely on the traditional foods. These foods were commonly eaten by people who lived in Mediterranean countries like Greece and Italy in 1960. This diet was introduced by a couple of chemist and scientist, Margaret Keys and Ancel Keys. However, this diet hadn’t been popular before 1990s. The core of the diet is to reduce the risk of health diseases such as strokes, heart attacks, diabetes and many more. Some researchers also claim that these people who lived in such counties had better healthy than people who lived in America. Mediterranean had also low risk of dangerous diseases. This article will talk about the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet Meal plan.

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Mediterranean Diet Meal plan 2018

Preventing Diabetes

This is the first benefit of the Mediterranean Diet Meal plan. If you are afraid of diabetes, you should try this Mediterranean diet. It is able to reduce the risk of the diabetes as well as the stress. A study was conducted in the Athens 2001-2002. The objects were men and women who were asked to complete the questionnaires about their diet and lifestyle. The results showed that people who followed their diet had more than fifty percent of decreased risk of diabetes.

Reducing Stress

Many people especially the modern ones have a depression problem in their lives. You need to know that Mediterranean Diet Meal plan has a benefit to reduce your depression or stress. Once again, this benefit has been proven by a study. It explored some diets programs and their effects to the users. One of the six diets was the Mediterranean diet. The objects of the study were all women in a test group. They had to complete a survey of the food frequency and a questionnaire to know the level of their depression. The result showed that Mediterranean diet has a lower symptom of depressions.

Meal Plans

It is enough to know the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet Meal plan. It is time to see the meal plans in three days. The first day must contain Greek yogurt and slivered almond for your breakfast. Then, you can have a morning snack with an apple and walnuts if you feel hungry. The lunch consists of toasted pita, cucumbers, tomatoes and other veggies. Two boiled eggs are perfect for your afternoon snack. Your dinner must be two servings of roasted lemon and dill salmon. The second day must contain Quiona and banana oatmeal for your breakfast. Your lunch should be Greek style salad and salmons. The dinner can be closed with shrimp skillet. Day number 3 consists of wheat bread in the morning, homemade tabbouleh in the afternoon, and lamb meatball at night.


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