Natural Remedies for Headaches: What Ingredients You Can Use

Natural Remedies for Headaches: What Ingredients You Can Use

Natural Remedies for Headaches

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]o you know the natural remedies for headaches? If your headache has become a constant and regular thing to deal on a daily basis, you need to take a good look to your medical history and have yourself checked. Your headache can be an underlying sign of another medical condition – sometimes, it can be a severe one. Although taking a pain killer seems like a natural thing to do, doing it too much (or too often) can actually numb the pain and make you ignorant of the real core of the problem.

Natural Remedies for Headaches

Natural Remedies for Headaches: Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is spicy, there is no doubt, but it is also good for inflammation and pain. Cayenne pepper contains the so called capsaicin that can react with the substance P, a pain element within our body. Somehow, capsaicin can eliminate the substance P and make the pain go away. So, what should you do with one of the natural remedies for headaches? Perform a topical application in the nasal passage and see how your headache improves.

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You need to mix warm water and cayenne powder. Soak a cotton swab within the mix. Have a light stir to make sure that the swab is covered with the cayenne powder. Apply it to inside part of your nostril and wait until you feel the burning sensation. Don’t worry, it is a sign that the mix is working. It is uncomfortable but it will actually work. When the heat finally subsides, you should feel better. Some people say that their headache is simply gone away.

Natural Remedies for Headaches: Nuts

Consuming almonds is better than taking the pills. Almonds are a natural pain reliever because it has a special substance, named salicin. Salicin is often used in over the counter medicines. If you start feeling the pain, consume at least a handful of almonds. Mind you, though, that it is also possible that almonds are responsible for migraines. So, observe your condition before and after consuming the nuts.

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Natural Remedies for Headaches: Feverfew Plants

You can mix the dried flowers of the feverfew with the boiling water. Let it cool for around 10 minutes before you strain it. Half a cup is enough for one drink. You can drink this mixture twice a day too, depending on your needs. You see, when you suffer from headaches or migraines, your blood vessels are getting bigger. They are expanding, creating a pressure on the nerves. Feverfew plants are known as the natural remedies for headaches to constrict the vessels and relax the tension. Not only it will ease off the pressure, it will also reduce the inflammation. Feverfew plants are known to contain parthenolide, whose effects are similar to those taking aspirin. The good thing is, you won’t have to deal with the side effects, unlike the aspirin.

All in all, using these natural remedies can actually help ease the pain away and provide natural relief. But remember that there are some substances or ingredients that can cause allergic reaction. Make sure you consult your doctor and ask for their suggestion before doing any of these natural remedies for headaches.

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