Obesity is becoming a trigger for bone disease

Obesity is becoming a trigger for bone disease

One health problem in bones that often complained of Indonesia society is osteoarthritis or joint pain which is a disease that makes its victims often feel pain even resulted in the onset of disability. If it is severe, it can interfere with your daily activities.

According to specialists in orthopedic and Traumatology of the Jakarta Hospital, Dr. Adrian W Tarigan SpOT, people who are at risk of joint pain is disease affected both men and women who are obese, women of menopouse, people who do strenuous sports, as well as people with structural abnormalities of the feet and knees.

The way of prevention that the doctor recommended, among other things, keep the weight to avoid obesity, diligently perform the stretching or stretch before exercise, and that is not less important is to maintain a balanced nutritional intake. However, for those who already suffer from this disease should consult a doctor, drug consumption is recommended, and when you need to perform the operation. How To Prevent Osteoarthritis


According to Dr. Adrian W Tarigan SpOT, to prevent disease osteoarthritis should patients need to pay attention to some of the following, among others, are:

Maintain weight

It is aimed so that the bone joints do not sustain excessive weight of our body, thus maintaining an ideal weight is considered very important.

Regular exercise

Important sports are conducted to train stretching muscles and joints so as not stiffly. However, it should be noted in order to exercise that is done is not too heavy and burdensome body especially joints.

Avoid sleeping after meals

Some people often sleep after meals, but eat a lot then straight to bed can result in a build-up of fat in the body.This will cause fat deposits are overweight (obesity) that can make bones and joints are not able to support the weight.

Regularly consult a physician

Special for women aged 45-49 years of age and have been menopausal so avidly consulted a doctor. This is due to women who have been through menopause porous susceptible bones and joints or joint erosion.

Radiology examination is useful to know the shape of the bones. In addition, it is also useful to know that there are abnormalities in a person’s bones
Well, it turns out that obesity is not just trigger heart disease, kidney, diabetes, but also trigger the onset of arthritis. It would be nice, so you are always in control of your weight.
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