Osteoporosis diet treatment and Osteoporosis exercise treatment

Osteoporosis diet treatment and Osteoporosis exercise treatment

Osteoporosis is a medical condition in which the bones become more fragile and they decrease their mineral density. Osteoporosis also produces important changes in the micro architecture of the bones, which makes them more susceptible to fractures.

The most common fractures caused by osteoporosis are spine fractures, hip fractures or wrist fractures. In osteoporosis, bones become so weak that even a cough or a simple fall can cause a fracture.

Osteoporosis is a very common condition and it especially affects women. The women-men ratio in osteoporosis is close to 8 to 1. The main factors are represent the cause of osteoporosis are an insufficiently strong bone mass that has been accumulated before the age of 30 years old (this is the age at which we begin to lose bone mass) and a rapid bone loss that occurs after the age of 30 years old.

osteoporosis exercise treatment

Lifestyle – The cause of osteoporosis might also reside in a person’s lifestyle or in the health problems that he or she has had during his or her lifetime. For instance, chronic alcoholism is a cause of osteoporosis, as well as hyperthyroidism, liver or kidney diseases, diabetes, eating disorders, Cushing’s syndrome, immobility and chronic gastrointestinal malabsorption.

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Medicine – In addition, there are some drugs and medications that are considered to be the cause of osteoporosis: anticoagulants, anticonvulsants, medications used in the treatment of cancer, corticosteroids and some of the anti-seizure medications for epileptics.

Osteoporosis cannot be completely cured yet. That is why osteoporosis treatment focuses on reducing the number and gravity of bone fractures by increasing bone density and by stopping mineral loss and controlling the pain associated with this condition.

Osteoporosis treatment options

There are three current trends in the osteoporosis treatment. One of these trends refers to osteoporosis exercise. Osteoporosis exercise is especially recommended in the early stages of the condition because it helps to reduce bone mass loss.

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Exercise – is also extremely beneficial in osteoporosis prevention because studies show that sedentary people have much higher risks of developing this condition. Osteoporosis exercise should not be too hard and it should not pose too much tension on the patients’ bones. Light aerobics and walking are among the best osteoporosis exercises.

Diet – changes are an important part of osteoporosis treatment. Bones need calcium to remain strong and that is why calcium supplements are very important in osteoporosis treatment. Other dietary changes require a higher intake of vitamin D and the complete elimination of caffeinated substances.

osteoporosis diet treatment

Medications – are also very important in osteoporosis treatment. The most common drugs used are bisphosphanates such as Fosamax or Actonel, calcitonin, raloxifene, and estrogen.Fortunately, osteoporosis is a disease that can be prevented. Osteoporosis prevention consists of getting the sufficient amounts of calcium and vitamin D from your every-day diet, avoiding sedentary life and engaging in physical activities and exercise, avoiding tobacco and alcohol abuse and taking periodical bone density tests. Osteoporosis prevention is simple and effective and it can help you lead a happier, healthier life.

Natural treatment options for many common health conditions have become increasingly popular in recent times. This is due to research showing increased efficacy of these treatments.

  • Glucosamine – is again a naturally occurring substance that poses no danger or side effects when consumed in reasonable quantity. It helps to stop degradation of cartilage through better synthesizing of glucosamine in the cartilage. People with osteoporosis have deprivation of glucosamine.
  • Chondroitin Sulfate – This helps to stop the breaksown of cartilage and improve joint mobility.
  • Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane (MSM) – can also be used to treat pain. It is a natural. The popularity of its alleviating pain, especially arthritic pain, has been given some credibility over the last few years. Methylsulfonylmethane has been used by many people to ease severe arthritic pain.
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